Tips On How To Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer: Brought To You By Lundy Law LLP

What do a personal injury lawyer and a toy machine have in common? Sometimes the machine does not grab the right toy at first. The same rules apply to choose a personal injury lawyer, but you lose a lot more money when you do not get the right lawyer.

That is why you have to make sure you make the right choice the first time around. You might not have a choice with the vending machine, but you do with your personal injury lawyers Lake Charles has to offer.

Suggestions On Choosing One Of the Better Personal Injury Lawyers Lake Charles Has To Offer the First Time Around: Part One


1. Experience counts with your personal injury lawyer. It is best not to hire someone fresh out of law school. They need more time to get the experience they need. You also do not want someone who is too old to make the choices necessary to win your case.

You need someone in the middle of the road. Someone with the right experience, but also has the abilities to make the tough choices. You also should ask yourself what type of lawyer do you need. Your case might be something simple and easy. The last thing you want is a shark coming in and making it more difficult for you. Shark lawyers can be a little more cutthroat than they need to be.

FYI: You should only hire a shark if your personal injury case calls for someone to be tough on the prosecution.

2. What kind of personal injury case do you have? That is going to tell what type of lawyer you need. You should pick someone who has worked your type of case before and has gotten results.

Part Two:

1. What type of reputation does the person have? You need someone with a solid reputation in all areas, including the courts and insurance companies. That is why I suggest not hiring a shark unless it is necessary. Some sharks do not have a good reputation. They are good at winning a case, but in all other areas, their reputation is not the greatest. That might not be someone you should have on your side.

Client testimonials are very important. They shed light on a product or service where others cannot. Do you see a mark against a lawyer you are considering? Find out why the mark is there. They might know something you do not. No personal injury lawyer is perfect, but you also do not want to settle for someone who is second-best either.

2. What is their personality like? Some lawyers have natural charisma. You feel as though you can talk to them about anything, while others are the opposite. You can judge for yourself. Pick someone you feel comfortable talking to about your situation.

You will be revealing intimate details about your case to this person. You have to be sure you can trust him or her. Listen to your gut. Sometimes your gut picks up on things before the rest of you does. Your gut might be telling you “no” over the smallest thing. It is best not to ignore what your body is telling you on the inside.

The right lawyer is not necessarily the one with the most expensive suit and impeccable smile.

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