Freelancing isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle altogether. It takes leadership, courage, bit of skills and no experience altogether to begin. Yes, you heard me right! It is pure motivation and discipline.

Why do you get bored and complain about your 9 to 6 work life? You chose it for self. Why do you want to work for others? Why not work for self?

You can be asolopreneur too.

Change the way you live, you work and you earn. Come out of the monotony. Come out of the never-ending vicious circle. You weren’t literally not born to work like a slave, pay bills and die someday.

Your choice decides the consequences in life. You were born to be STAR. You were born to “Make It Large”.

They say it takes capital to start a business. Agreed!

It takes nothing to be a freelancer though. I’m sure you have some degree of required skills.

  • Are you good at writing?
  • Can you design?
  • Can you code an app or create a website?
  • Are you good at negotiation, can you market a product?

What are you good at? You get paid for every skill.

I have heard no one saying NO to entrepreneurship. Literally, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Why wait for someday then? Why not do it today?

You can easily begin your career with no experience jobs posted on the internet. I’ll guide you through the basics and teach you “How To Start Freelancing With No Experience”. Just follow the guidelines and begin your work immediately.

Start Small: Find The Market Gap

 It’s fairly understood, anyone carrying some level of industry experience may gear up easily. How about those who’re starting fresh? Do you think they can’t work? Well, that’s unreal my friend. There are many unexplored jobs that require no experience.

They may not be decently paid still worth taking a shot, isn’t it? The Internet is flooded with jobs with no experience. Just find them!

Start Volunteering For Projects

While approaching for work, most employers notice your past work experience.

Don’t feel bad.

Break the ice, pitch for the pro bono opportunity (applicable for fresher’s).

It’s one of the mild ways to build a network. Approach a client directly (If you think you can handle) or collaborate. Treat this as your college internship. Your focus should be learning, not earning initially.

If you get luckier, your efforts may get monetized. You may be hired for a next paid gig or a long term contract maybe.


Create A Portfolio

Once you’ve picked the rhythm. Talk about some branding. Maintaining a work portfolio is equally important.

The world needs to know you. It’s show time baby!

Think like a project leader and blot down your keynote contributions. Mention project links and your client’s feedback. All of it matters when you approach for work.

Proliferate Your Web Presence

How do clients come to know about you? Where will they read your work? A strong web presence is very important. If you really want to make it big, treat this seriously.

Highlight your work. Today, majorly successful freelancers are also having their own portfolio website.

Maintain a strong portfolio on Fiverr, Truelancer, Upwork careers, etc. Ask for recommendations and update your profile regularly.

Ask For Referrals

Don’t feel ashamed. That’s how the market functions. The best way to get business is via the mouth of word marketing. In fact, clients also want to work with known people. It makes it easier for both parties.

You should be flexible while approaching people. Do a cold outreach for that matter. Professional networking websites like allow connecting with anyone.

Be Open For Negotiation

There is a lot of competition in the market already. Niche quality has a price, it is fairly understood but don’t get too vile with your quotations. Keep a margin for slight negotiations. All the clients may not have a similar budget but they may have bulk work to offer.

Think like ways.

There are too many freelancers working in the market. There are many jobs that don’t require experience. The drill is to explore. It takes courage to work for self.  It requires consistency, belief, and performance to get promoted. Freelance work is like another full-time job. The difference is you’re your own boss.

It may not happen in a month, it may not happen in six months or a year too however it’s totally worth it. Your profile will rocket success soon.

Always remember to take your clients sincerely, deliver your best shot and never look back.

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