Working as a freelancer and making an extra income at home is a fascinating thought for most peoples. Many of employees leaving their job and start their career in freelancing job. According to the recent studies, 50% of American starts their career in freelancing in 2022. Freelancing career give you freedom to manage your things in own way.  But freelancing career is not an easy job for everyone.

1. First Month Challenging

First month is challenging month for freelancer job searcher. For many people is difficult to find trustworthy client and jobs. It is difficult to promote your name as a best freelancer. You need to spend more time with your client to build trust and promote yourself as a best freelancer. You need to provide your services at lowest prices for your clients. You need to prepare yourself for financial crisis if you have not good freelancing platform.

2. You will work day and night

Freelancing job is a challenging and harder job. Sometime you need to do work 24 hours in a day to complete your project deadlines. It’s the biggest challenge for freelancer to provide best quality of work for your clients. Sometime you need to work continuous 3 and 4 days.

3. You need to work really hard

If you think freelancing career is best and easy job for everyone then you think wrong its harder job as compared to employer. Sometime you work hard for minimum earn. Its target based job and you need to work hard to achieve your target in minimum time. Sometime you have not set your budget and you have done extra work in minimum budget.

4.You have many competitors

In freelancing job there is lots of competition in the market. For example if you try to search freelancer then you know how many of your competitor in the market. But if you have done your project in your deadline and provide quality work in minimum budget then its best for your freelancing career.

5. Quick Research

Having good research is a part of freelancing job. If you want to become a professional in your job then you need to improve your skill and quality. It will help you to remain competitive in the industry. These skills are helpful to save your time and extra efforts.

6. No price Hike

The big problem in freelancing jobs no price hike. Many of freelancers are still working with same client, who have paying less from the beginning. It’s difficult to increase your price hike according to your work.

7. Dealing with rejection

No matter how good you are in your work, sooner or later, someone reject your work. Rejection is a difficult time for freelancer expert. Many freelancers are mentally tortured and lose your self-confidence. It is time you think this is not right job you. But it’s happen with everyone and you need to learn how to deal with it.

 8. Know the Market

It’s important to know what happening in the industry. In a freelancing job it’s difficult to know what trends are come in the market. In freelancing job you need to sign up industry newsletter and media that will help you to keep update in the market.

 Author Bio:

This article has written by Rajat Sharma. He is a lifestyle and traveller blogger from New Delhi, India and one of the writers and editor of Happiness Creativity Blog. He is nineteen years old guy, and when he is not working on some interesting new article, he enjoys listening to music and playing cricket.


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