Growing your business through SEO and digital marketing can be a very complicated task to tackle by yourself. The concept has many aspects that you need to learn, each of which can be intricate and complicated. As a result, many businesses that don’t have lots of experience with digital marketing tend to outsource for SEO services. Unfortunately for these companies, picking the correct SEO consultant or agency can be quite challenging when you don’t exactly know what to look for. So how can you ensure that you make the right hire to handle your company’s SEO efforts? Here’s how to judge and choose an SEO consultant, digital marketing and advertising agency.

Past Performance and Online Reviews

When searching for an SEO consultant or agency to hire for your business, you should begin by looking at some SEO companies’ past performances. One way to do this is by asking companies for case studies and proof that they have actually improved on the SEO efforts of other companies. In addition, these case studies and past performance metrics can give you an idea of how successful an SEO firm was, what they excelled at, and what kind of industries they have experience with. On top of looking at the past performance of SEO firms, you should also be reading online reviews as well. Online reviews from past clients can help you glean information, such as how well the SEO team works with a company and how they help other companies reach their goals. SEO is something that you want to do right, so it’s very important that you know exactly what you’re getting before teaming up with an SEO professional.

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Budget Considerations

The next thing you need to consider when looking for an SEO agency or consultant is your budget. Although you likely don’t have an SEO budget set in stone at this point, you’ll likely have a ballpark estimate of what you’re willing to spend. The final SEO budget will be determined by you and whatever SEO agency you decide on. However, if an SEO agency prices you well outside of your budget, you know things aren’t going to work out. SEO is very important to your business, but it’s not something that you need to spend copious amounts of money on and go way over budget. Look for SEO agencies that are affordable and fit within your financial parameters, and ignore companies that will push you outside of your budget.

Understanding Goals and Needs

One way to ensure that you hire the right SEO agency is to ensure that you and the agency have aligning goals. An SEO agency needs to understand what you want to do with your digital marketing campaigns and be able to successfully pull it off. Although the SEO firm may be the experts in the situation, they still need to understand and listen to you when it comes to what you want with your digital presence. To do so, the SEO agency needs to have strong customer service and communication skills and be able to educate and guide you towards your goals. If you meet with an SEO agency and you feel like they can’t understand and align with your company-specific goals, then you probably should find one that can rather than altering them to meet the agency’s specifications.


Company Network and Connections

Another great way to find a good SEO agency is by relying on your company’s network and connections. As a business, you likely have had several encounters and relationships with other businesses in your area. Chances are, some of these connections have had to work on their SEO and digital marketing before, leading them on the same search you are on now. You can gain some valuable information from their past experiences, as they could give you recommendations for a good company or warn you to stay away from bad ones. In addition, you may even be able to see some case studies on how a particular digital marketing agency was able to help your connection grow its online presence. Your professional network and connections can come in handy in many areas of business, but this is one where they can be particularly useful when relied upon.

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