When it comes to acquiring the relevant and high-quality backlinks, web 2.0 article submission sites are the first choice of all SEO experts. You can submit and instantly publish your blogs and articles for free of cost and get high-quality Do-Follow backlinks as well.  Web 2.0 submission sites are rich in demand why because they have high domain authority and page ranking. Once you get backlinks from web 2.0 sites, you can also generate traffic and boost search engine ranking beyond your expectations.

If you are an SEO expert and looking for the top best Web 2.0 sites for article submission, you can never go wrong with the below-listed sites.  If you are a beginner, then before getting started you must have an idea what are Web 2.0 submission directories, then after you will learn great ideas to submit your content to get links back to your client’s or your own website.

So, let’s know about Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0 Submission?

Web 2.0 is the best and one of the most suitable techniques to generate quality inbound links from effective sources.  Since you can get do-follow backlinks, therefore web 2.0 sites are extra beneficial for all website owners. The more you earn do-follow backlinks, the more you can improve search ranking and Domain Authority (DA) of your website. Once you submit your content on web 2.0 sites, you also get chances to share your content on social media.

This is the reason why web 2.0 blog submission sites are in trends. But you should also keep in mind some great ideas to publish your blog on these sites.  If you are beginner, you need to learn how to post or publish blogs in web 2.0 sites and get an effective do-follow link back to your website?

In the following section, we would like to walk you through how to use Web 2.0 sites list 2019?

Steps to Submit Blogs or Articles on Web 2.0 Submission Sites:

Step: 1 While you are going to submit blogs/articles on web 2.0 submission sites, the very first step is to create an account.  You just need to fill the signup form and press the sign up button. Make sure you have noted it down your email and password.

Step: 2 Next, you need to verify your account. Just go to your email inbox. Now click the confirmation email links there. As you click the link, your account will be verified. However, most web 2.0 sites don’t require email confirmation like blogger.

Step: 3 Once you have created an account successfully, now are ready to publish your post.  Just copy and paste your blog on the blog editor window. Create a catchy title, tags/keywords.  Don’t forget to leave a short bio at the bottom with a do-follow backlink to your website.

Step: 4 Now click on the Publish button to publish your blog online.

If you still have some doubt why web 2.0 is beneficial for your website, we will clear out here in the next section. You will know about the key advantages of web 2.0 sites list 2019.

Just copy and paste the Web 2.0 Sites’ URL in your browser and start submitting your first post right now.

S.No Web 2.0 Submission Sites Domain Authority
1 sites.google.com 100
2 www.blogger.com 99
3 www.wordpress.com 94
4 www.soup.io 94
5 www.myspace.com 95
6 https://blogs.opera.com/news/ 95
7 https://issuu.com/ 94
8 https://www.wix.com/ 94
9 https://www.goodreads.com/ 94
10 www.blog.fc2.com 94
11 www.us.webnode.com 94
12 www.lycos.com 93
13 https://www.livejournal.com/ 93
14 https://www.weebly.com/in 93
15 https://www.academia.edu/ 93
16 https://www.box.com 93
17 http://www.angelfire.com/ 93
18 www.doomby.com 93
19 https://www.4shared.com/ 93
20 www.own-free-website.com 92
21 https://www.sfgate.com/ 92
22 www.storify.com 92
23 www.xing.com 92
24 www.skyrock.com 92
25 www.hubpages.com 91
26 www.evernote.com 91
27 www.yola.com 91
28 www.rediff.com 91
20 https://www.salon.com/ 91
30 www.wikidot.com 91
31 https://www.last.fm/ 91
32 https://blog.fc2.com/ 91
33 www.blog.co.uk 91
34 https://slashdot.org/ 91
35 www.zimbio.com 90
36 www.bravenet.com 90
37 www.wallinside.com 90
38 www.care2.com 90
39 https://www.diigo.com/ 89
40 www.tumblr.com 88
41 https://gawker.com/ 88
42 https://www.webs.com/ 88
43 www.deviantart.com 87
44 https://www.deviantart.com/ 87
45 https://www.zoho.com/ 87
46 https://www.redbubble.com/ 86
47 https://www.couchsurfing.com/ 78
48 https://www.typepad.com/ 77
49 https://www.merchantcircle.com/ 73
50 https://www.jimdo.com/ 67

To get Do-follow backlinks is the main objective of all SEO experts and professionals. Do-follow backlinks are beneficial to improve your website’s domain authority and SERPs rankings. So, the primary, as well as the most essential benefits of web 2.0 sites, is that it provides you high-quality do-follow backlinks.

Benefits of Web 2.0 Submission Sites:

  • Another great advantage is that you can boost your presence online through social media outlets. After publishing your creatively crafted blogs/articles, you get unlimited opportunities to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other social media networks.
  • With submission on web 2.0, you can also increase engagement with your targeted audiences. You can also communicate with your audience via a reply to their comments. Thus, you can easily promote your blog and increase DA & PA of your website.
  • Another benefit is that you can attract unlimited referral traffic to your website through the marketing of web 2.0 sites. These are absolutely free of cost. Therefore, with the help of well planned and targeted marketing on web2.0 sites, you can also get the highest revenue and sales.

How to Choose Effective Web 2.0 Sites?

Before selecting any web 2.0 site, you should once cross check the Domain and Page Authority ranking. For instance, Google’s Blogger, LinkedIn, Tumblr, LiveJournal, etc has the highest DA and PA ranking. If you get do-follow backlinks from these sites, you will, undoubtedly, get highest SERPs ranking of your website. You can also build branding from a catchy profile creation from high DA web 2.0 sites.

If you are reading this blog post, you are surely a lucky visitor. Here we have listed some top best and high DA web 2.0 submission sites popular in 2019. Before publishing, we have filtered entire lists and only selected the effectively working sites. So, you don’t need to waste your time checking their quality measures.

High PR Web 2.0 Submission Sites


Once you go through this blog post, you never need to search anymore. Here, you can use the best and high DA & PA web 2.0 submission sites to win the high authority backlinks for your website.  You can boost your website’s search engine visibility and traffic by submitting articles in the above listed web2.0 submission sites popular in 2019.

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