Open-plan living is one of the biggest home design trends of the recent decade. The trend is in all rage and is here to stay.

If you are looking forward to making the most of your open and spacious living room, this article is rightly meant for you. If you desire to let your whole family enjoy at home at the same time, then you need to focus on creating a multipurpose living room space. Having a multipurpose area will grant flexibility and will enable your family members to use space for varying activities. From entertainment to relaxation, given below are some easy ways to enhance the functionality of your living room space.

1. Zoning for open-plan living:

One of the major attributes of the open-plan living room is the absence of internal walls. An open plan based living room sports a continuous look and ties up space into one unit. However, zoning the extra spacious living room in different areas can help you go a long way in ensuring the best utilization of space. Typically, zoning can be implemented to accomplish multiple objectives as per your family’s needs. Here are some popular ideas for zoning:-

  • The most effective way of zoning a living room is through the use of furniture. Use a floating sofa set design to be placed in the middle of the space or large lay floor rugs, these simple tricks enable you to define areas easily and clearly.
  • Sometimes, you can also use stylish alternatives such as installing room partitions or placing a bookshelf.

Living Room

2. Switch between Different settings:

The theatre room is a must-have for modern homes. But that doesn’t mean you can only use your home theatre for entertainment purposes. Instead, you can also repurpose this area into a reading room or a playroom. If you want something more, you can also try it. Check a multipurpose study table price, sofa cum bed pr similar pieces that let you easily switch between different room settings. With these practical choices, you can comfortably use a spacious room for multiple purposes.

3. The home office cum cupboard:

It’s not just kids that end up with homework these days, rather we adults also taking up the work home. Whether it’s temporary or permanent why indulge a separate space for home office. You can a trick here- retrofit a home office inside the cabinet or affix it in a linen cupboard or almirah. This will do a lot of space-saving. You can easily hide your workspace inside the small cupboard. Use it when required and hide it when not needed. Doing so will also keep your open space vacant for you to hang out with family and friends.

Final Words

So, if you are the one blessed with an open-plan living room make sure to use its space to the fullest. These ideas are easy to implement and are light on your pocket. All-in-all, they provide freedom to your family members, they can do whatever they want as when required without any disturbance.

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