Seeing a rodent in your home is enough to make most people freeze. Even if you’re not scared of them the shock of seeing one n your home can temporarily incapacitate you.

There’s a good reason to be worried. Rodents are known to carry an array of diseases, some of which can be deadly. In fact, you’re not alone; fear of rats and mice is one of the biggest fears on the planet!

But, that’s not the only issue that you face when you see a rodent in your home. Rodents are also very good at chewing through almost anything. While they will chew insulation and even cement, one of the biggest issues is when they chew through electrical cables. This leaves the inner wire exposed which can cause electrical outages, short circuits, and the spark can even start a fire.

Of course, rodents also leave a distinct aroma as they urinate and leave waste inside your home; In many cases, they’ll be in crawl spaces, lofts, and other hard to reach areas. This means you may have to damage your home to eliminate them and the smell.

Although less common, rodents are capable of chewing through wood, potentially causing structural issues for your home.

The biggest issue is that when you see one rodent in your home there is a very good chance there are a lot more. A fast response is essential.

This is when you need to find out more from your local professional and get the issue dealt with.

Preventing Rodent Problems

The first step is to get advice from a local pest control expert regarding which types of rodents are most active in your area. This will help you know what you’re dealing with.

You’ll then need to take preventative steps to protect your home:

  • Seal It Up

The first step is to walk around the exterior of your home, inspecting all the walls carefully. Rodents can get through surprisingly small gaps, you’ll want to make sure you locate the gaps and cracks first. This will allow you to seal them and prevent rodents from getting into your home.


Pay particular attention around doors and windows, this is where they are most likely to find an entry point. Sealing these up protects your home.

  • Put Food Away

Rodents need food, water, and warmth. That’s what makes your home so attractive. You can make it less attractive by checking for leaks in your home. Eliminating these will make it less desirable for rodents and other pests.

You should also put all your food in sealed containers. This will prevent the rodents from being able to get to it. Alongside this wipe your surfaces and floors down regularly, and use a disinfectant spray. This will eliminate the appeal and help to keep the rodents away.

  • Traps

It’s a good idea to put a couple of traps down under your kitchen cupboards. This is the most likely place that rodents will go for food and water. Having traps down means you’ll catch and kill the rodents. But, more importantly, it will alert you to their presence.

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