Time stands still for no one. Seems like just yesterday the shops were filled with toys and reindeer and jolly silver-haired men in red suits handing out candy canes. In case you blinked and missed it, the year is approaching midway. Scary, isn’t it? The thing for many of us is that surviving the holiday season often means taking on debt, and that means paying back that debt. With the year intent on zooming along at breakneck and irresponsible speed, you may be running out of time to free-up your finances before the next holiday season hits and you find yourself in deep water. Let’s look at some simple solutions that could get you back on track.

Loan Advice – Gambling Debt – etc.


The likelihood is that your debt isn’t just down to a singular purchase. In fact, if the only debt you have in your life is your monthly phone bill, for example, you most likely qualify as one of the only human beings on the planet with a solitary monthly payment to make. Let’s get real. Debt comes from your home, your car, your credit cards and perhaps any gambling habits. Treating your finances as a whole is the first step in leaving behind ideas of paying off one debt and still having a mountain of unattended debts to clear at the end of all your trying. See here for advice and guidance on making progress towards clearing all kinds of debt.

Make the Necessary Adjustments – Plan Your Year

The end of the year costs a small fortune. It really shouldn’t come as any surprise to us by now, but year after year we get to October and realize that the most expensive part of the year is just around the corner. We bargain with ourselves, agreeing that we’ll have a quiet November to help pay for the fun and games between December 25th – 31st. We even, some of us, make a promise to ourselves that we’ll live the life of a mountain top zen master throughout January, rejecting all offers of fun and frivolity in favor of saving money to cover the Titanic-sized financial cracks in the bank balance from the month before. Time to get smart. Put away a set amount each month – opening a savings account is free. No matter how much can afford to save, you’ll really appreciate the boost from your end of the year nest egg.

Buy Big to Save Bigger

Putting money aside is one thing, but saving money on everyday purchases is how to take things to the next level. For most of us, we only have time and storage space enough to shop once per week. Purchases like toiletries, frozen groceries, bottled drinks, and pet food need constant replacement. The tip here is to order in bulk wherever possible. If you’re ordering online, be sure to take advantage of the ‘group my items’ tick box offered by most online retailers – this ensures that you save even more money on reduced delivery charges.

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