A student loan is notorious for haunting us back even after we graduated from college. And, there are instances that these loans can bury us to a pile of debts. But, there are ways to avoid this scenario.

     1. Fatten up your savings


First off, when you’re already a receiver of student loan, saving money should be your new mantra. We know to buy the coolest phone and the hottest dress are so tempting. But, seriously you can’t afford to be a spendthrift in this phase of your life. If you’re dead serious about avoiding student loan debt, practice early on managing your finance. Cut back on expenses if you can. Start living your life as modest as you can be. But…

2. If you’ll spend money, be wise about it

spend money

Well, we can’t avoid the moment of weakness. Sometimes, we really need to spend bucks on things that are essential or even on your wishlist. But a little reminder first. If you’re really dead set on getting “that” thing, make sure you prepare a plan first. For example, you really need to shop for new shoes and you’re on a tight budget. Minimize spending on one thing like your transport or food allowances to offset your finance.

As early as you paid that loan crediful, as early too you can finally live.  Get rid of that burden and start enjoying the adult life.

3. Be smart on getting loans


If you maxed out already your federal student loans, finding the right private loans can be a tough challenge. One thing you need to remember about here is that the federal and private have a lot of differences. While federals have lower rates and forgiveness program, private varies from this.

Private loans offer higher rate and have no special programs. So, think this through before you make the switch. If you do push through on applying to private loans, you also need to find the right lender for you. Hop over on to  AAA Credit Guide  and see what options will work best for your situation.


working student

You really need to stretch your bones when you’re in college. Beside college requisites, money problems are also one of the challenges you need to overcome during this time.

To avoid debt, you need money to pay your loans on time. Being a working student might help you with that. And, you don’t have to work full time. Sometimes, having a part-time job will do the trick. Just make sure that you can jumble both activities.

5. Look for scholarships


Being a good student pays off. And, your intelligence really goes a long way. It can help you to have a better shot at scoring scholarships. If your school transcript looks good, don’t be afraid to apply for a scholarship. Or maybe you’re a skilled football player or another kind of athletes in high school, feel no fear too on getting programs that can help you to pay for your education.

 The Bottom line

College degree keeps getting more expensive as time passed. And, the good news is that you don’t have to suffer the ghost of student loan even when you’re on your late 30s. There are strategies you can apply that will actually work. Good luck, students! We wish you all the best.


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