Today, pet owners have more choices than ever regarding pet food. The market is flooded with pet stores available, both physically and online. Commercially made cat food and supplies in Saudi Arabia offer readily accessible food. One can buy food from physical pet stores, veterinary offices, and online stores, depending on their convenience. On the other hand, there is a section of pet owners who offer homemade food to their pets. Deciding between store-bought food and homemade food often confuses cat owners, especially if they have become pet parents recently.

Store-made pet food versus homemade pet food

The convenience of store-made food

Store-bought food is a popular choice because of the convenience it offers. The food is readily available, and the preparation is simple and easy. The pet owner simply needs to open the food bag or box and place the food in front of the pet on a plate. The commercially-made food is specifically produced to ensure that the nutritional needs of the cat are catered to.

Special foods for pet

The food consists of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients necessary for maintaining the optimal health of the pet. There are popular brands that offer unique foods for old, young, overweight, or pets with certain health conditions and allergies. This is one of the reasons why so many pet owners prefer good quality store-bought cat food and supplies in Saudi Arabia.

The inclusion of fresh ingredients in homemade food

Concerns about commercial food safety facilitate several pet owners to opt for homemade food. Preparing homemade food for cats is time-consuming and sometimes complex. The pet parent must be aware of the daily nutritional intake and accordingly shop for ingredients and prepare meals. The most attractive feature of homemade food is that the freshest items are used to make food. Including ingredients can be easily controlled by the pet parent based on the age and weight of the cat.

The nutritional level must be fulfilled

As long as the nutritional demands and needs of the cat are catered to, it doesn’t matter whether the pet is consuming store-bought or homemade pet food. But it has often been found that homemade food items don’t have adequate nutrients required for the growth and good health of the pet. Studies show that pets that don’t receive the right amount of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals tend to suffer from allergies, dull coats, thin hair, and underweight. Thus, when introducing homemade food for cats, the nutrient levels must be taken seriously and consulted with animal nutritionists.


Store-made cat food and supplies in Saudi Arabia are specifically made to contain the necessary nutrients that cat needs. The recipes are prepared and formulated by an experienced team of nutritionists. One has to buy pet food depending on the breed and age of the cat. Furthermore, the balanced and complete label on the products must be evaluated as it ensures the standards of the nutritional value as constituted by the American Association of Feed Control Officials.

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