Many people want to make their own e-juice for a variety of reasons, but it’s probably not something they should rush into. If you’re looking to create a DIY e-juice, here are some key things you should know before you begin.

1. Health Risks

Safety is of the utmost importance when making your own e-juice, and you should definitely be aware of the safety concerns when DIY-ing your own juice. It’s important to note that before mixing your own e-juice, you need to pay close attention to the quantity of nicotine that you’re using for the e-juice. If you use too much nicotine in your e-juice, it’s possible that you could put your health at risk. It’s best to use a lower concentration of nicotine while you’re making it the first few times.

Experts recommend that you should have years of experience with vaping and vaping products before you start making your own e-juice. You should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the process before you make DIY e-juice, or it could be harmful to your health.

2. It’s Difficult

Contrary to what you may have heard, it’s difficult to make your own e-juice. There are several steps involved in the process and so many necessary precise calculations that it’s easy to make a mistake. You have to make accurate calculations for the nicotine concentration and the liquid base as well as get the right taste. It’s a time-consuming process, and you may find that you have to make alterations to your calculations along the way if you can’t get the taste right. There is a steep learning curve when it comes to creating a DIY e-juice.

3. Online e-juice Calculators

As previously noted, getting the correct quantities of materials for your DIY e-juice can be incredibly difficult, but there is good news. There are multiple e-juice calculators available online that can assist you with your e-juice calculations. To use the e-juice calculator, you’ll need your quantities for the amount of -that you’re making, the desired strength of your e-juice, the water/vodka/PGA percentage, the desired Propylene Glycol or PG percentage, the desired Vegetable Glycerine or VG percentage, and the flavoring. You’ll also need to input the level of nicotine you wish to use for your e-juice into the calculator.

4. You Have More Freedom


When you make your own DIY e-juice, you have more freedom than you do if you purchase your e-juice from a vape shop. Making your own e-juice can save you money in the long run. Instead of buying e-juice at a vape shop, you can make e-juice in bulk. Most importantly, when you make a DIY e-juice, you have the freedom to be creative and make any flavor that you wish to vape, instead of having to rely on the supply at your local supplier.

There are certainly pros and cons to making a DIY e-juice, and it’s not a decision you should take lightly. Thankfully, now you’re aware of these important things to know before you create a DIY e-juice.

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