You may have already found the girl of your dreams and can’t wait to make her your wife but, if you are on a budget you might think you have to wait. The truth is, that if you use some resourceful and innovative thinking, you can be walking down the aisle quicker than you think.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but what every woman really wants is to find a husband that adores her and treats her like a princess. If you are ready to go ring shopping, it’s time to check out some alternative engagement bands that will not only thrill your lady but keep you on budget.

There are thousands of affordable quality jewelry dealers that can help you to find just the right ring without breaking the bank. Talk to your dealer today about options that include ethically created diamonds, gemstone rings, and wholesale prices. Let’s take a look at some of the affordable engagement ring options for the groom that is on a budget.


Using advanced technology, it is now possible to create a genuine diamond right in a lab. These ethically sourced stones are just as beautiful and high quality as any that you could find without the high price tag. These conflict-free diamonds are as genuine as if they had been mined out of the earth without the negative social and economic impact.


The sapphire and diamond engagement ring worn by Princess Diana started a gemstone craze. Whether your bride’s favorite gemstone is an emerald or a ruby, there are thousands of designs that will thrill her for years to come. Gemstones are generally lower in price than white diamonds and can make a personal statement that will really stand out.


If you are lucky enough to have been handed down a ring from your mother or grandmother, it can make a charming and endearing engagement ring. If the style is a bit out of date, you can work with a designer to have some of the existing stones transferred into a new setting for your fiance while still keeping your family history alive.

Wholesale Stones

Retail jewelers can be a bit expensive for grooms that are on a tight budget. If you are creative, you can visit a wholesale diamond dealer and pick out your setting and stones separately. This can allow you to design a unique one of a kind ring that is perfect for your bride to be. Wholesale prices are generally lower than retail and you can find excellent quality stones.

Alternative Metals

Gold and silver are the traditional metals found in most engagement rings but, there are many other options to choose from. Your bride may like a platinum, tungsten or titanium setting which can save you some money on the overall cost. 

If you are excited about asking your special someone to spend the rest of their life with you, there is no need to wait. Take a look at some of these innovative and affordable ring options today and find just the right ring that will thrill your love and guarantee that she says yes.


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