Unfortunately, in many countries, motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to be injured on roads as compared to other drivers. For that reason, most countries require anyone riding a motorcycle to wear a helmet in order to protect themselves.

There are tons of different types of helmets to choose from, many of which are specifically built for women, men, or children—not to mention specific head shapes within those categories as well! The type of helmet you pick should also depend on your riding style, your safety priorities, and the type of Harley you ride. Even environmental factors are important to consider while you shop for your ideal helmet.

Let’s take a look at three basic types of Harley Davidson helmets to get you started and go over the advantages and disadvantages of each one!

Half helmet

The half helmet comes with a unique set of pros and cons. As the name would suggest, it does not come all the way down over the face. Admittedly, this does result in limited protection, making it best for short, low-key trips and milder weather conditions. However, it’s easy to take on and off, and it offers the ability to still wear glasses for bikers who need it.

Another thing to consider about half helmets is that, while they tend to cost less by themselves as compared to other helmet styles, they’ll need to be dressed up with other protective elements in order to get the job done. Additional goggles and masks are recommended to give added protection while wearing a half helmet. However, some riders enjoy the customisability this provides. If you’re a Harley rider, you’ll find many Harley Davidson helmets in a half design that will match the look of your bike.

Open face (3/4) helmet

The open-face or 3/4 helmet is popular among riders who love to feel the wind on their skin since it comes without a chin bar. The lack of a chin bar does compromise the rider’s safety somewhat in terms of facial protection, but the rest of the structure is said to be just as effective as the same areas on a full-face helmet are.

The absence of a chin bar also provides the advantage of a helmet that is more lightweight and breezy, making it popular among casual bikers in areas with hot weather. This helmet style also allows you to keep your glasses on. For intense conditions, shields and visors can be purchased separately for Harley Davidson helmets.


People who love to take their Harleys on long cruises on a Softail bike or go racing on their Sportster often love this style of the helmet!

Full face helmet

If safety is your number one priority over all else, then a full face Harley Davidson helmet is for you. A full-face helmet covers the rider’s entire head and provides protection from the base of the skull all the way around the front of the jaw with a sturdy chin bar. No matter what type of Harley you love or how you like to ride, the full-face helmet will always be your safest option.

This style is a bit heavier than some other Harley Davidson helmets because of the added protective bulk. Despite its bulk, the full-face helmet can still be customized for convenience with a headset that allows for hands-free communication without requiring the rider to take their helmet off.

Another perk of the full-face helmet is that it provides superior protection against the weather as well as against accidents. Just about anyone will welcome the opportunity to guard themselves against strong winds and stay dry, and this helmet style is the best for touring Harley riders!

Conveniently, a full-face helmet’s built-in shield offers plenty of protection, making it a great choice for long, scenic routes where weather conditions may vary over the course of the ride.

Final thoughts

While there are three primary styles to choose from while shopping Harley Davidson helmets, the full-face helmet will always be your best option. Its chin bar and resulting added protection will keep you safe on the road so that you can enjoy long hours on your Harley for years to come! Keep in mind that there are plenty of options available within the full face helmet style so that you can choose the best option to suit your own personal tastes.

Head on over to Harley Heaven to find your ideal Harley Davidson helmet and any other motorcycle accessories you need!

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