Engineering jobs have been in demand for as long as I can remember. And the way things are going, one can be certain that the demand isn’t going to decrease anytime soon. It is true that the advancement in technology is reducing the relevance of engineers in certain sectors. However, it is also paving new paths where professional engineers can serve and prosper.

If you are in the final year of your school and need to make a career choice in the field of engineering, you actually have quite a few options in your hand. John Walters, the business head of Assignment Help, estimated that there is going to be 200,000 new engineering jobs in the US by 2021.

While the future seems promising, the types of engineering jobs listed below are going to stay in demand in 2019 and the years to come.

  1. Data Science and Machine Learning:

Data Science and Machine Learning

The field of software engineering has grown immensely over the past few years. And now that most technologies are powered by software, you can definitely see a lot more expansion in this field. Data science, which is a branch of software engineering, has+ now grabbed a lot of eyeballs with its “Big Data.”

If you excel in statistics and software engineering, you might just land a high-paying job as a data scientist. Apart from data science, machine learning is also showing great potential for various industries. So, if you are fascinated with statistics and software, both the options are a perfect fit for you.

  • Data Science & Machine Learning Salary: $89,000
  1. Automation and Robotics Engineering:

Automation and Robotics Engineering

You may have already seen Sophia, the robot, which was on the news for quite a while. Inventions like these show us how far technology has come. Interestingly, things are only going to get better from here. And if you have a knack for robots and automated machines, automation and robotics engineering is a great career choice for you.

The field of robotics engineering involves designing, developing, testing and implementing robotics systems. The skills of a mechanical, electronics, or/and mechatronic engineer is essential to serve in this field. Currently, a significant amount of capital is being invested in robotics. It is a great option to explore in 2019.

  • Automation & Robotics Engineering Salary: $77,000
  1. Petroleum Engineering:

Petroleum Engineering

According to the US Department of Labor, the field of petroleum engineering will see an increase of 15 percent in potential jobs by 2026. It goes without saying that a career in this field is only going to move upwards from here. The market trend also suggests that a significant number of petroleum engineers will retire in the coming years, thereby boosting the demand further.

The job of a petroleum engineer generally involves focusing on the design of drilling equipment, working on the drilling methods, and implementing and monitoring the drilling plan for crude oil extraction. Even though world leaders are advocating clean energy, oil remains high in demand. A career in petroleum engineering won’t be facing any trouble anytime soon.

  • Petroleum Engineering Salary: $97,000
  1. Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering

As long as human civilization thrives, civil engineers will be in demand. The US Department of Labor estimates that there is going to a 10 percent increase in the civil engineering jobs by 2026. If you have an interest in building structures, you have a shining future in civil engineering.

As you may realize, civil engineering covers a lot of areas including structural engineering, road/highway engineering, transportation engineering, and environmental engineering. So, you have choices within a choice. Also, this has been one of the primary engineering streams. If you want suggestions, there are plenty of civil engineers who can guide you on this.

  • Civil Engineering Salary: $60,000
  1. Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Engineering

Talking about traditional engineering, electrical engineering is booming and creating exciting employment opportunities. In fact, the jobs pertaining to electrical engineering are often considered among the highest paid one in the wide field of engineering. You will be surprised to know that the salary often crosses a quarter of a million dollars for the role of a specialist.

Electrical engineering jobs is also a broad area that includes disciplines such as instrumentation engineering, electronic engineering, power engineering and a lot more. No matter which discipline you choose, you will be witnessing a huge demand in 2019.

  1. Alternative Energy Engineering:

Alternative Energy Engineering

The need for renewable/alternative energy is growing significantly over the years. And the rate at which fossil fuel is being decimated, use of alternative energy will soon become a necessity (more than a choice). Besides, alternative energy is one of the key elements for financial sustainability due to their low production cost.

Looking at the trends, it is quite easy to conclude that alternative energy engineering is going to be in demand in 2019 and beyond. To become an alternative energy engineer, you will need a bachelors’ degree in mechanical or electrical engineering and a master’s degree in energy engineering.

  • Alternative Energy Engineering salary: $65,000
  1. Mining Engineering:

Mining Engineering

Mining engineering was in demand 50 years ago, and it will still be in-demand 50 years from now. As a mining engineer, you can design open pits and/or underground mines, and supervise excavation and construction of the structures.

Mining engineering also involves designing the methods for processing and transporting the mined materials to different processing plants. Even though the consumption of iron is going to dip in the upcoming years, the demand for copper, nickel, lithium and other precious metals will continue to grow, and so will the demand for mining engineers.

  • Mining Engineering salary: $68,000

Parting thoughts,

As we proceed towards the age of automation, many jobs may become obsolete. However, the aforementioned engineering jobs are not one of them. On the contrary, these jobs are going to expand and reach a whole new level over time.

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