Content Marketing Associate Instagram’s advertising base is growing at an unbelievably rapid rate, with the photo and video sharing site recently reaching 1 million advertisers. Mobile-friendly ad units like carousel ads are helping Instagram advertisers drive engagement, clicks and sales from the site’s over 600 million monthly active users. Find out which creative strategies top retailers are using in their Instagram carousel ads to capture more revenue from audiences. Sephora keeps its carousel consistent

Carousel ads are a fantastic way to share multiple products within one ad. However, when showcasing many items at once, ensure that your creative is clear and easy to view. This is especially true on a mainly mobile platform like Instagram. Avoid confusing and overwhelming audiences by making your carousel ad creative simple, concise and organized.

Sephora dedicates an entire carousel ad to sharing its new spring arrivals. The retailer includes an image of all the products together in the first slide, yet gives each item the space to shine in the following slides. This allows viewers to see each item in greater detail. Additionally, each slide maintains the same minimalist, black-and-white style, which unifies the entire ad while providing a non-distracting backdrop for each product.

Fossil fits in with organic content

On Instagram, ads are integrated into a stream of organic content. Because your ads will be seen right alongside native content, it’s important to use creative that fits in. Otherwise, audiences will see your ads as an obtrusive interruption to their Instagram viewing experience. Incorporate Instagram style trends into your ad campaigns so you can feature creative that feels right at home on the platform.

Fossil harnesses the popularity of the Instagram trend #things organized neatly in this carousel ad. By arranging each one of its items in a systematic way, products are able to share the spotlight with one another without overwhelming audiences. Additionally, the way the items are arranged continually spans multiple slides, encouraging viewers to swipe through the entire ad.

DSW mixes in video

Carousel ads aren’t limited to still images. Instagram allows advertisers to incorporate video into their carousel ads, making for a more engaging and mobile-friendly viewing experience. When combining these two mediums into one ad, make sure the inclusion of video serves a purpose. For example, the first slide of your carousel ad could feature a promotional video of your brand’s fashion show, with the following slides taking to showcasing individuals pieces from that collection.

DSW‘s video carousel shows off multiple types of shoes by dedicating each slide to a specific trend. For example, the first slide of the ad promotes the retailer’s athleisure shoes, while the next slide only displays shoes that make a loud fashion statement. This approach puts both video and carousel ads to good use while displaying many products in an easy-to-followed, categorized way.

Frambridge walks viewers through an experience

Carousel ads don’t have to only be used to show off a variety of products. They can also tell a story, such as the process of shopping with your retail brand. Use this strategy to show off the benefits and ease of your customer experience. To drive home sales, try including an exclusive deal to create a sense of immediacy so viewers will be more inclined to click through your carousel ad to your website.

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