While social media may be generating the most buzz in the last few years, email marketing remains the most powerful tool for turning prospects into clients.

If you have a responsive group of email subscribers, even a relatively small list can produce a large number of sales day in and day out.

But with email marketing becoming more competitive each year, some companies are struggling to keep their readers engaged, which results in a drop in sales that can be hard to recover from.

Luckily, there are ways you can give your email marketing a boost that can significantly improve your conversions in as quickly as it takes to send an email to your list.

Here are three ways that are all but guaranteed to bring results if implemented correctly.

Educate Your Customer with Free Reports, White Papers, or Even Courses

Advertising has conditioned us to crave free things. But today’s buyers are becoming more sophisticated, so merely slapping the word “FREE” in big bold letters isn’t going to cut it.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still incentivize your readers with free stuff to boost engagement and guide them towards the sale.

The key is to make the free thing as relevant and useful to your target audience as possible.

And the best news is, making it valuable can be very beneficial to you as well.

If you produce educational content such as reports, white papers, or even free courses, you are not only helping your readers solve problems and help them progress; you are also positioning yourself as the authority in your field.

Your company can become the natural place to seek more help, and you can have complete control over guiding your audience towards the logical solution, which is your product or service.

And the best part is that you can do all that while remaining the hero in your customer’s eyes because you took them by the hand and helped them figure out how to move forward.

Don’t Forget Social Media!

While social media isn’t the all end solution when marketing online, it can be a very powerful tool, especially when combined with a solid email marketing strategy.

So even if you have an engaged audience that you communicate with through email, don’t forget to include your social media links in your emails – it can help you engage the same customers even more and give you the opportunity to create content for them in different forms.

Different people respond better to different media channels, so if you can reach your audience through emails, through images, and through videos, you can significantly improve your conversions.

What’s more, social media allows for a more conversational type of environment, so you can actually see how your audience communicates and use that information for crafting emails that are more relevant and speak in your audience’s voice.

Improve Your Emails by Adding a Video

No matter how good your content is, it can sometimes be hard to break through the clutter that your customers find in their inbox and get your emails read.

That’s why for as long as email marketing existed, businesses have been experimenting with different text formatting options to grab attention by whatever means necessary.

Well, today’s technology allows to take that a step further and reap benefits that reach far beyond just standing out in an inbox.

Companies now offer services that allow you to produce video emails that instantly grab the attention of the reader. You can bet that your email will stand out, no matter how many competitors it’s facing, when you can offer a much more engaging way to digest the email’s information.

The video is also a much more personal medium – you can’t beat the personal interaction of seeing an actual person talking to you instead of having to read the same information in text form.

This humanization of email marketing could be the next big trend that takes the industry by storm, so companies that manage to get ahead of the curve are likely to be the ones to reap the most benefits in terms of sales.

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