Located in the Eastern Caribbean, the small island of Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory made up of the main island and a few islets. But do not be fooled by the small size of Anguilla. It is a beautiful looking place full of long stretches of sandy white beaches and picturesque vistas. And although it doesn’t necessarily ring a bell when someone thinks about taking a vacation to a Caribbean island, if you are looking for an off the beaten path, authentic experience, then Anguilla is the place for you to be. Just book one of the many luxurious Anguilla houses or villas, catch the Anguilla ferry from St. Maarten airport and you will be in for one of the most memorable island vacations you have ever experience in your life.

Exotic island

When to go

The climate of the island of Anguilla stays warm all year around. However, the months of July to November see occasional storms, while September to November is known as the hurricane season. Although the prices stay quite low during the months of September and October, the choice will be less, and you might encounter a hurricane during your stay. That is why visiting the place during these months may not be a very good idea.

The peak season starts from December and lasts till mid-April. However, you will be facing too much crowd and steep prices all over the island to truly enjoy your stay. In our opinion, the best time to spend a vacation on this beautiful island in the months between May and August. The weather is great, prices are low and during the months of July and August, as it is the beginning of the hurricane season, you will see discounts as high as 50% during this time.

What to Do

Relax at the Shoal Bay East

Relax at the Shoal Bay East

The Shoal Bay East is a beautiful white sand beach which is the best beach in Anguilla, and probably one of the best beaches you can visit in the whole of Caribbean. It is a great place to enjoy some peaceful swimming and snorkelling. You will get to see the most beautiful and vibrant coral gardens of Anguilla, alive with tiny colourful fishes when you snorkel in these waters. The sand is clean and soft, and there are a number of resorts and restaurants lining the beach, which make it a great place to relax and spend the day.

Spend some time in Fountain Cavern National Park

The Fountain Cavern National Park is the top archaeological site of Anguilla which is located near Shoal Bay. It is truly a cultural and natural wonder, and you have to visit this national park while you are here. You will get to see a lot of Amerindian petroglyphs and two freshwater pools lying inside of a cave. The most significant petroglyph among them is a stalagmite carved in the shape of Jocahu. Jocahu is the name of the supreme God worshipped by the Taino Indians. The Fountain Cavern which you can see there is believed to be a major worship site among the Amerindians.

Visit the Meads Bay Beach

Visit the Meads Bay Beach

Meads Bay Beach is one of the popular beaches among tourists who travel to Anguilla. This one and a half kilometre long sandy white beach is famous for its calm waters. Due to the calm and clear water, this beach is one of the best places in Anguilla to go for a swim. Full of tropical trees and luxurious villas and resorts, this beach houses one of the best Fine-dining restaurants you can find in Anguilla, the Blanchards. If you are a foodie, then grabbing a bite here is a must for you.

Spend time with some dolphins

Spend time with some dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most playful and loved creatures of the ocean. And if you are in love with these wonderful marine animals too, then you will get the chance to spend some joyful time with them during your stay in Anguilla. There are a lot of Dolphins living in an enclosure just off the coast near Blowing Point beach. Located near the south coast of the island, this is a great place to spend some wonderful time with your family and friends while you spend your vacation. You can also get your picture clicked with the dolphins by a professional photographer or learn all about them from professional guides.

Take a trip to Island Harbour

Island Harbour, the small fishing village is the starting point for many local fishermen who sail into the sea to catch fresh produce. The narrow beach of the village is lined with the colourful boats of these fishermen which make this beach beautiful in a totally different way. There are a few tourist attractions near the village as well, Big Spring National Park being one of the major ones among them. Located just off the main road, the park houses a cave with 28 Amerindian petroglyphs. The petroglyphs date froth the 9th to the 15th centuries. Also, if you are in the village during the month of April, then you can also experience the Festival Del Mar, which is a two-day long affair. There will be a lot of entertainment including live music, dance, food, competitions and also a fishing contest

Enjoy some time diving under the water

Anguilla is home to a double reef system which has a huge verity of colourful corals and marine animals. The surrounding sea to the island is also known for many shipwreck sites which have become artificial reefs. That is why this island provides a great opportunity to enjoy some scuba diving.

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