Croatia is a haven for the travelers who love the sun and the sea. The glorious islands that dot the sparkling blue waters of the Adriatic Sea are kingdoms of greenery and also hold various cultural treasures. These islands enclose some of the most spectacular scenery of the region and display the multifaceted culture of the country in an intriguing manner. Although every Croatian island possesses its own charm, here are some of the most beautiful island resorts in the nation that are bound to mesmerize you with their surreal natural splendor and magnificent monuments.

Brac Island

The most popular attraction of Brac Island is undoubtedly the Zlatni Rat Beach, a horn-shaped strip of white pebbles that juts into the sea. This delightful beach has various restaurants and cafes in the vicinity and is the favorite spot of sunbathers and windsurfers. A short hike away is the Dragon’s Cave where the walls display ancient carvings of mythical creatures and symbols. The wonderful sculptures at the Supetar Mausoleum and the medieval churches at Skrip are some of the other interesting sights of the region. One must also explore the Museum of Olive Oil to find out about the history of olive cultivation on the island.

Hvar Island

Hvar Island is a party goer’s paradise, with its lively beaches where the celebration continues till the late hours of the night. However, the allure of the island does not end at the beaches, the heart of the town is equally breathtaking. The interiors are embellished with sprawling lavender fields and olive groves as well as wonderful historical relics. Be it the serene monasteries or the medieval castle of Fortica, each building narrates the tales of the bygone era. The energetic atmosphere of St. Stephen’s Square is the best place to immerse in the local culture while admiring the architecture of the cathedral that looms over the street.

Korcula Island

One of the less crowded islands of Croatia, Korcula Island is the ideal destination for the seekers of solitude. Here you can witness the massive pine forests that gave Korcula the moniker of Black Island in the ancient times. Also adding to the dense vegetation are the vineyards and the olive plantations that are ubiquitous in this region. The rustic villages are known for their cobbled streets and traditional houses while Korcula Town bears several remnants of the past in the form of medieval fortifications and great museums. The Vela Przina Beach is yet another famous attraction that is known for its idyllic scenery.

Cres Island

Cres Island is sparsely populated and is known primarily for the raw and untamed beauty of the primeval forests that cover the terrain. This enchanting island is also home to some mighty cliffs, hidden coves, and quaint towns. The rustic architecture of this region is displayed by the numerous churches that dot the island, such as the St. Mary’s Church and the Church of the Assumption. Another iconic landmark is a 16th-century gate that overlooks Trg Frane Petrica, the ancient town square that is now the venue for local markets. Stopping by the arts center of Ruta is also a must, to buy the handicrafts made out of the discarded wool of the indigenous sheep.

Exploring these splendid islands on the Croatian coast is a great way to soak in the true glory of the country. And who knows, maybe you’ll like some of the islands enough to opt for your own property in Croatia. These marvelous locations simply represent the best of what the nation has to offer in the form of geographical wonders and historical gems.

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