“You mean so much to me’’ a fancy phrase you might whisper in the ear of your beloved one to enlighten your feelings. It’s a loving touch of words with boundless meanings that could melt anyone’s heart.

It might not always be in a romantic sense, it could be said for a friend, a sister, a brother, a mother, or in any relation.

A single sentence is sufficient to explain that no words could ever be enough to show the love deep inside you are having.

But in other words, it is also a way of letting your love knows that the bond you share is how strong, how the time comes and goes but with each passing year how your love grows, you cheer up the moments spent together.

The affection and the love mold you and you want to hold on till the last breath either by taking the world at stake or by shining together with grace.

You mean the world to me. You are breathtakingly beautiful. I will hold onto you until the end of the day. You are the one special person I trust the most. It means that your heart is completely captured and there is no point in hiding your feelings anymore.

Heart to Heart

Love does show the touch of heart, the spell someone is bounded with. The beauty, charm, and fascination that God put into your heart for someone are precious. The outer beauty and the virtue can be seen by anyone but the inner beauty,

The gracious deeds are blissful to look into however appreciation is another level of love. A heart is a place where peace dwell and God’s grace is enthroned.

Like the fragrance of flowers in the air, I feel the charm around me. The words that pop out of your mouth are not sufficient enough to explain your love for yourself.

Say it when you mean it

Flashing the memories and realizing that it’s time to tell, just go ahead and say I surrender my life to you as you are the one and only who dazzles me, as I’m the one spell-bound to you and your love.

You are the desire I make for a life and I want to share my joys and woes with you. You will find me always near you whenever you needed me and I will always be around you to make sure you have cared.

Is it not so beautiful to be around you or to share my love for you? My love, it’s just all I have now.

you mean so much to me

Come, Let me embrace you

I hardly ever let you know how much I adore you. My unstoppable will is to be mine. It is your affection that is changing me from head to toe, a positive change, I don’t care if I forgot the world just to let you know how blessed I am and it is my love for you that all matters the most.

A cool breeze is blown every time I see you. It is so naïve of me that despite telling my immense love for you I just kept saying that you mean so much to me. When you are with me I feel like walking in heaven but when you are away it’s your tinkling voice that I kept on hearing.

Time changes and is the season, my love for you always stays

As the pleasant days pass by, the bond we share and my love will always and forever stay. I just wonder how a good time is yet to unravel beside you.

As the time ticks, in my heart, the hope of tomorrow, so dearly to be around you revolve in my mind. No matter how we share life’s journey, no matter how the season changes, no matter how the day comes and goes, dear sweetheart, it’s my love that always grows.

Bottom Line

The term ‘’you mean so much to me’’ single-handedly describes the one feeling. The way of telling your beloved one the infinite love.  Although saying a single phrase or explaining with endless words having the same meaning.

A so powerful combination of words to melt anyone’s heart. It’s just how you share your feelings with your special one. Letting your loved one know how you feel is another level of peace, and calm which dwells in your heart.

A special place in your heart for someone special is unexplainable and you’re cherish the bond share together is astonishing.

It is a way of surrendering yourself to your beloved one. Divinely it’s the love that pours into your heart and you are blessed to find such an amazing fellow. You are the only treasure I want for the rest of my life. I am so passionate to live my life with you till the end.

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