Carpentry is a valued trade skill that is important for many commercial projects. However, a carpenter’s skill is only as good as the tools for the job at hand. For any woodworking project, the right tools are critical for the quality of the end product. Whether you need to cut a clean straight wooden piece with a circular saw, or smooth your wooden surfaces with filing planes or install and properly align drawer runners using screwdrivers or hammers, you need certain tools to tackle your project.

Let us take a look at a few woodworking essentials for carpenters. If you’re looking for drawer runners, you can find a great range at RS Components.

Circular saw 

A Circular saw is one tool that can manage a perfect cutting through any wood material. It can give promising results to both household woodworkers as well as professionals who require it for bulk work. There are three types of circular saw blades and the differences between them lie in their teeth design. 


If you need to cut curves or complex shapes in wood, the jigsaw is one tool that you need to have in your toolbox. A Jigsaw can also be used to make short crosscuts on a board and finishing inside corner cuts. They do perform best on softer wood, making the best cuts.

Table saw 

One of the most important woodworking essentials for carpenters, the table saw, is used to cut the wood into more manageable sizes. A table saw can be used to rip, cross-cut, bevel cut, miter-cut, square, dado, rabbet, and apply shapes to edges of wood pieces.



Planes are used to smooth wooden surfaces, level wood, reduce the size, shave off or square up the ends of wooden boards. They are also used to trim the end grain, creating fine finishing cuts. The amount of wood shaved depends on the blade size and depth of the planes.

Woodworking hammer

A carpenter’s toolbox is incomplete without a woodworking hammer. This indispensable tool is mainly used to drive or remove nails, fit wood parts, and break up objects. Hammers come with different types of heads and weights. 

Power drill

This tool is used to drill holes into wood and other materials and is essential for creating perfectly round holes to achieve a quality finish. Electric powered drills are more convenient and come with a diverse set of attachments for different types of holes.


Another essential carpentry tool is a screwdriver. It is used for turning screws into wood and other materials. They come with a huge variety of heads and blades, each suited for a particular type of screw or position in which it should be used.

Other necessities for successful woodworking projects are screw guns, chisels, clamps, tape measures, squares, and last but not least a sturdy woodworker’s bench to work on.

Choosing the right carpentry tools has a lot to do with the type of your woodworking project. So whether you’re planning to install new cabinets or fix drawer runners that enable the smooth opening and closing of drawers or need to perfectly cut wooden boards, you need the right set of tools. 

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