When raising children, I’m sure a lot of you have already wondered about the types of toys to buy. While they aren’t an absolute necessity, these can really help your little one learn and develop skills. However, toys can only be beneficial if they are safe and you choose the right ones.

Wooden toys are one of the most popular materials used for children’s toys nowadays, which is why you should consider getting them. But under wooden toys, how do you know which is the best one for your kid? Read on as I show you tips on how to choose the best wooden toys for your child.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Toys For Your Child

Natural toys that are made with wood and/or sustainable materials are becoming more popular and beneficial. But even then, you need to make sure you choose the right ones! Here are the important factors to consider when selecting wooden toys:

Type of Wood and Sustainability


These are the different types of wood made for toys and which is best for your little one:


These are more expensive than typical softwood but have higher density and durability. It’s less likely to splinter and is hypoallergenic, lasting for years and can be used for your other younger children.

Rubber Wood

This comes from the rubber tree, which is one of the most environmental-friendly types of wood found in Brazil, Thailand, and Indonesia. It’s a good choice if you’re focusing on sustainability.


These come from trees such as Spruce, Fir, Pine, Cedar, and Redwood. They are more suitable for toys that won’t have to tolerate much wearing out. They are cheaper but more prone to break and splinter.

Wooden Toy

Composite Wood

These are what wooden toys are usually made of, meaning wood was pressed together using glues and chemicals. When choosing toys made of composite wood, ensure it isn’t made with harsh chemicals.

Paint and Finishing

Beyond the wood material, there are also paints and finishings to look into as well. The wood material may be natural and safe, but the finishing and paint may not be! If the toy is painted, look into what the paint is made of.

Some toys may be painted with lead-containing paint, which is a hazard to children and adults alike. It’s especially dangerous for children, as they can ingest the paint from chewing or licking. Know about the toy’s origins and if the manufacturers are using safe chemicals and have CE markings on their toys.

Avoid toys manufactured in China and if you do, ensure that the manufacturers have strict quality regulations. The toys should have been tested and allowed to be sold in your area.

Types of Toys For Learning

Now, there are different kinds of toys to choose from for your little one, depending on what they want. These are important toys to choose for your kid regardless of their gender, as it can help their skills and development.

  • Wooden kitchens can have them learn and feel comfortable doing kitchen work. Plus, kids LOVE to imitate their parents and attempt cooking
  • Wooden blocks of different colors and shapes, which can encourage building and have them learn shapes and sizes
  • Sturdy wooden dollhouses with furniture, which can teach the kids about the importance of organization and household chores

Safety and Durability

And lastly, you also have to think about both safety and the toy’s lifespan. You should make sure that the toys are strong enough to last in the long run, especially with how playful kids can get! The toys should be able to withstand falls and a LOT of handling without breaking it, which is a waste of money and a safety hazard.

Besides this, look into the toys’ safety. It should NOT have any splinters or signs of damage, as well as sharp edges, as this can cause injuries. They should also be age-appropriate to avoid choking hazards and mishandling.

As much as possible invest in toys that are easier to clean and handle as well. This prevents cross-grain scratches, your little one eating stained or dirty toys, and the like.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to choosing toys, I highly recommend that you invest in those with wooden materials. With its many benefits, your kids will enjoy and have fun with its beauty and safety. Just make sure that you choose the right one and that you get it from trusted companies.

Hopefully, this article on how to choose the best wooden toys for your kid helped you out. So begin looking into the best toy stores and get your child what he deserves now!

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences buying wooden toys? Share it in the comments section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated.

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