There are a lot of things that run in the minds of human beings, especially on where to write an anonymous blog. Remembering and recollecting everything would be quite impossible. Also, at times there are high chances of forgetting the most important thing when we want it the most. Our minds would be pre-occupied with a lot of things, and the tendency to forget the short-lived thoughts are higher. Also, we must understand that our brain is at work continuously, and even when we are asleep, our thoughts do no rest. They keep running in the sub-conscious mind, and at times they come in the form of dreams as well. There are a lot of times when we wake up to our dreams trying to remember them, but we fail to, and that dream could have been a life-changing one.


During such times, one of the best things to do is to maintain your own notebook of thoughts. Yes, you read it right! Writing down all your thoughts in one book can actually help you connect the dots that you normally tend to lose focus on. Also, one day when you just go through that book of yours, you would be able to regain the lost memory back. Exactly like a computer, our brain segregates all the information and stores it in two different kinds of spaces, one Long-term memory and the other being Short-term memory says exerts on the best anonymous blog platform.

Therefore, most of the thoughts that occur and leave us randomly can be termed as short-termed because we haven’t paid much attention to them. Also, these thoughts that occur to us randomly can also be highly beneficial to us. Thus, there is a need to store them somewhere. But how do we do it? The best way to do it is by writing them down. In this article, we have given you a few points that might help you understand why writing down thoughts is important and beneficial.

1. Makes you a good storyteller


Almost all the great storytellers would have worked and processed their thoughts pretty well. It is always because of their writing habits; it makes them easily connect themselves with the stories that they weave to their audience. Thus, those mere thoughts that you would have left without acknowledging can help you develop brilliant stories.

2. Most of the writers are born like this

Hadn’t the famous writers put up all their thoughts on a piece of paper, probably we would have never come across any great literary works at all? Writers are always born like this. They choose to make a note of everything that happens in their mind and work on them and finally transform them into books that would be appreciated by the whole world.

3. Helps to visualize things

visualization skills

Thoughts help you to visualize things in a much broader perspective. People who think a lot can generate a lot of ideas, and this is because of their visualization skills. When you write them all down, it gives you more clarity and helps you develop much stronger visualization power according to the experts on the anonymous blog sites.

4. Helps to set goals

When there are too many dishes served on your plate, it becomes difficult for you to choose between the favorite and the non-favorite items. If you end up eating up everything and this can lead to indigestion. Thoughts also work in a similar fashion. You would not be able to prioritize the most important ones unless you write them all down. Once they are listed down somewhere, it becomes easy for you to set goals and start working towards achieving them.

5. Helps you in taking better decisions

better decisions

When your mind is free of thoughts, you would be able to decide better. Else, the decisions made would always be unclear. Hence, writing down everything that you are going through is one of the best ways to become a better decision-maker, and you would be able to get rid of all the doubts related to how anonymous blogs are useful.

6. It is the right way to let your emotions out

Most of the people suffer from their own thoughts. They would fail to live because there are so many things that are taking place inside their heads. While a few meet people and vent out and make space for the new thoughts, the others might choose to hide everything deep inside them. This can lead to severe problems in the future. Thus, writing them down can help you let all your emotions out at once.

We hope that this article is going to inspire you all to maintain your own book of thoughts going forward, say the experts on free anonymous blog sites. We are certain that the above-mentioned list of benefits would certainly draw you to develop a habit of jotting down all that happens in your mind. So, if you are writing down your thoughts, it is a good practice, and the ones who still haven’t started to do, we hope that this article would help you to discover your potentials just by writing.

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