Cleaning is often considered drudgery, though it happens to be one of the most important aspects of facility management services. Without clean premises, an organization or business can be sure to lose out on prospects because of the shabby appearance that will be portrayed as a result of improper maintenance. To avoid this possibility, contact body corporate cleaning in Brisbane. Cleaning does not require any specialist knowledge, other than a dedicated and managed workforce equipped with the right cleaning equipment and accessories.

professionally managed cleaning service

Identifying a professionally managed cleaning service

For office cleaning purposes, it is necessary to utilize a professionally managed service with the right team of dedicated personnel. It is important that cleaning is carried out as per a plan and procedure with certain processes and accountability, within a specified time frame and at periodic intervals depending on the footfalls or use of a particular office area.  It is important to opt for a service provider who has the experience of managing teams to work in large or small spaces and ensure that the premises are spic and span at the end of a cleaning session. For instance, the cleaning of glass windows and doors requires the use of the right cleaning solution with suitable accessories such as squeegees. High-quality squeegee rubber is imperative in window cleaning because it comes in direct contact with glass and dirt. The professional level of cleaning service can be determined by the accessories and cleaning material used by the service. A well-managed service will have on inventory all that is required to handle any cleaning requirements in office spaces.

Professionally managed team of cleaners

A good service is one that will manage the team of cleaners in an orderly and systematic manner with procedures and records. This will offer the service feedback about the quality of the cleaning, and help in improving or maintaining the standard. A proper schedule of cleaning and workflow to address the cleaning requirements will certainly help to commence and conclude the cleaning without interfering in the routine operations of the office. For instance, dusting and cleaning of glass surfaces and washrooms will typically be the first areas that will be cleaned, following which the floors will be mopped and the exteriors cleaned and spruced up. This way routine activities will not get delayed or hampered due to the cleaning.

Cleaning of common areas

Cleaning of common areas may involve the use of powered equipment to cover large areas, depending on the requirement. Choose a service provider who has all the necessary components of effective cleaning service – resources, equipment, cleaning material, processes, and supervision. A practical aspect of contracting cleaning requirements to a service provider is the need for a single point of contact or a dedicated account manager or liaison executive to assume full responsibility for the cleaning requirements and get the cleaning concluded to the satisfaction of the office administration. This should be the ideal workflow, rather than conveying orders to each and every cleaner directly. By fixing responsibility with a member of the team, it would be possible to get the tasks completed seamlessly and effortlessly without any confusion.

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