If you are keen to start being a Pilates instructor or, you are already involved and have a training provider yet aren’t entirely comfortable with them then today’s article will certainly help you to see what you should expect from the best of the best. You might be perfectly happy with your Pilates instructor training provider which is great however, do they offer all of the following services?

Learning the fundamentals is crucial

When you have a highly professional Pilate’s instructor training service you should feel that you are receiving the best help at hand and, an expert level of care and attention, you should learn more than you thought, here is a run-down of what to expect;

  1. You will learn Pilates’ history, fundamentals, and principles, as well as neutral position and thoracic breathing. As you may know, mastering skills and techniques, especially breathing is of utmost importance.
  2. From beginner through to advanced, you will be taught the importance of using a classical Pilates mat and why they are used.
  3. As with any exercise, breathing control can make or break your routine and progress so the relationship between breathing and core stability will be part of the learning process, they are really important factors to understand.
  4. To improve we must reflect on what we have done so, you will also learn how to analyze each workout so you can modify/progress it and pass your knowledge on to people of various levels safely.
  5. Where there’s a method or technique, science is usually involved in fitness, so it makes sense to learn the in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, particularly as it relates to Pilates
  6. Posture is really important, it could mean the difference between safety training and, or having an injury, you’ll learn how to spot bad postures and offer assistance in correcting them
  7. If you are intending to teach classes of more than one person then you’ll find the class management and advanced teaching skills a real benefit.
  8. Some people find warning up to and warming down tedious and don’t put much effort in so, you’ll get the benefit of learning how to put together fascinating and well-balanced warm-up and closing sequences

You’ll need to meet the following requirements

Pilates Training Instructor

For your training practice, you’ll need a Pilates mat and a willingness to assist others to improve their health and well-being. You should also consider the different types of courses available, it is highly recommended for example, that before you achieve the CPD certification that you have attended and completed both the beginner and advanced training courses.

What do you gain in terms of experience?

If you have taken both the beginner and advanced training courses then you will want to move onto a recognized and CPD certified Pilate’s teacher training course. The courses should contain all of the information you’ll need to confidently and successfully teach Pilates mat exercise. You will receive your Udemy Certificate of Completion upon successful completion, as well as a complimentary CPD certificate at no additional cost.

Some training instructors have been in the business for over 40 years so they can pass on what they have learned to you in terms of health and fitness, experience really is key when looking for a trainer, as is their personality and attitude so, look for a mix of characteristics when making your choice. You’ll want somebody that knows their stuff but, they also need to be fresh and energized to help you.

Some studies show that Pilates has proven to be one of the most effective types of exercise, if done correctly so to reiterate just how important skill and technique are, if you choose a company/trainer who has the full package then you stand a much better chance of learning and benefiting from your training program.

If you are training others you will need to be well equipped, armed with the knowledge and expertise when it comes to back problems, stress incontinence, preparation for/recovery after childbirth, arthritis and other joint problems, injury recovery, and injury prevention. The most comprehensive training schools teach you all there is to know so that you are fully prepared.

You will also benefit from an improved state of mental wellbeing, and, of course, a more improved, fit, strong, and flexible body as you will be going through the techniques yourself with your trainer each time you attend a class. How good is that? Not only do you learn how to teach others, but you also get health benefits yourself too!

What to do next?

As you will no doubt be aware, or come to learn is that the relationship between student and teacher is quite a personal one in the fact that you must gel with each other, you will be spending a lot of time together so it’s important that you choose a company that has trainers that you get on with. Have a look on the Internet for training schools near you and go through the reviews, they tend to be most helpful.

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