Modern technology has become an important part of our professional lives, with most of us spending at least 40 hours behind a tablet, phone or laptop. With all this time spent in front of devices, it’s no wonder that poor bone health has increased. The poor condition does not affect the elderly, and the pain is not temporary.

Ongoing issues including curvature, rounded shoulders, and technical necks are the result of our excessive use of technology. When we achieve good posture, our spine, bones, and joints align regardless of our body position. This means that whether you are sitting, lying, or standing, you are in the right position. This improves physical and mental health! When we don’t, we experience poor posture and chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Posture correctors

As mentioned, the wrongness of activities and work tools is the main reason for the increase in poor conditions, however, technology is fighting to help reduce this. Many conditioners have entered the market in the past few years.

The use of various patents, technologies, and materials helps to combat the negative situation. These technological marvels come in the form of posture correctors! Let’s look into some now.

Upright Go‘s

Does your beauty remind you to sit up straight every time you bow your head? Well, to stand up Go, you have the best! Place this small device on your back, this can be done either with a collar or with transparent adhesive tape. Enter the data on the device, it will need your weight, age, and height. Once done, you are ready to start your day. The Upright Go monitors your current position and every time you bend over, a small vibration occurs! Reminds you to sit straight in the right position. Unlike other posture correctors that put your shoulders back in an awkward position, Upright Go straightens your spine.

Train your body to stay in good alignment, providing a better way to improve your posture. As mentioned, you can change the settings of the device through the app, including how it vibrates. Upright Go’s can sync with almost any phone via Bluetooth and store data for up to 30 days. All in all, great new technology helps in bad situations. Full magnetic back support similar to traditional braces, this magnetic back brace will help you instantly correct your posture. What makes this device different is the 12 tourmaline magnets! Its full back brace uses embedded tourmaline magnets. These magnets help promote good blood circulation in the back and muscles. Helps to straighten your spine, and gently roll your shoulders back.

If you need immediate relief from a technical neck or rounded shoulders, a device like a magnetic back brace is the answer.

shirt posture

This next technological marvel looks like a normal t-shirt, that’s because it is, but with a twist. This shirt will correct your posture, straightening the spine without any problems!

The shirt works by activating and stimulating specific muscles. It does this with neurobands, which are flexible parts that read and measure muscles and joints. Providing an accurate nerve map of the wearer’s body and providing stimulation that may otherwise cause discomfort or pain. Once the shirt collects enough data, it will be easier to detect what is wrong with your bone health. The NeuroBands will work now and strengthen these specific areas, helping to provide support and reduce tension. Now, NeuroBands posture clothes are heavy and small, so there are other versions that do not carry such advanced technology.

Other shirts use elastic and flexible material, designed in a T shape, these shirts gently pull your shoulders back. Keep the spine straight. If you are someone who has a clear idea of ​​why your condition is bad, you probably don’t need the NeuroBand feature. With the world changing every day due to the rise of technology, it is good to know that tools are easy to help in bad situations.

Suitable for the neck and shoulders: adjustable upper back support.

SHAPERKY Posture Corrector

These suspenders are worn in the same way as adjustable braces but include a plastic or hard metal piece that sits between your shoulder blades. The molded compression provides flexibility and provides firm support and provides a strong reminder to pull your shoulder blades back to curb your urge to scroll through your computer or phone, Smith said. The problem? The large size of this brace means it can show through clothing. And since you don’t want to wear braces 24/7 anyway (because your muscles might get used to them and become weak), you can wear them around the house for short periods of time and not wear them all the time you wear them. something tighter in public.

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