If you live in the UK and are looking to change your life in some way, there are many options; you could sell everything you own and fly to Tibet to discover the meaning of life, or learn a new skill set and make a career change. If you are fit and live an active lifestyle, there’s nothing to stop you from becoming a certified personal trainer; all you need is bags of enthusiasm and a desire to succeed.

Ride the Global Trend

There is a worldwide shift towards physical fitness, especially here in the UK; MMA and boxing are partially responsible for the sharp rise in fitness levels that people are looking for. You must have seen a few MMA gyms and fitness centers where you live, which is a reflection of the popularity of a healthy lifestyle and you can rest assured to find work after graduating.

Online Learning Institutions

The great thing about studying the relevant courses to become a certified personal trainer is the online program. You can take the level 3 PT course with an e-learning program. This would be a 2-3 year program that is both demanding and comprehensive and when you sign up, the training school assigns you a virtual mentor.

Beat Covid – Study Online

As the delta variant takes hold, it makes perfect sense to study for personal training certification online, which keeps you safe. If you have no previous experience in the fitness sector, you should enroll in the Gym Instruction & Personal Training Diploma, and with a Google search, you can locate the website of a leading UK academy that offers certified courses. Once on the site, you can learn more about the various courses on offer, plus you can find out the cost and terms and conditions of the course.

Course Contents

Personal Trainer

During the course, you would learn about:

  • Biology and the physical body – Learn how to warm up and down and gain a deep understanding of how muscles work. Applied anatomy and physiology for exercise and good health are part of the program, along with the principles of nutrition.
  • How to role model – Displaying positive habits and fitness habits to inspire the client.
  • Assessing a person’s level of fitness – Essential for accurate fitness planning.
  • Planning a fitness program – Working with the client to plan the program.
  • Motivating the client – Techniques to motivate your client and provide essential support.
  • How to present yourself – Including marketing strategies and seeking employment.

There are many aspects of personal training and you can imprint your personality into the course and learn the various skills that will make you a great personal trainer.

Library of Fitness Resources

The study academy would have a lot of resources for students and when you enroll, you have 24/7 access and your own online mentor for essential support. Daily Zoom calls will forge a strong relationship between you and your personal trainer and there is a huge library of resources that registered students can access. Your mentor is motivated to ensure that you pass with flying colors and with their expertise, there’s nothing to stop you from gaining certification.

One-Stop Course

In order to become a certified personal trainer, you need to enroll in the Gym Instruction & Personal Training Diploma, which incorporates levels 2 and 3 and when you graduate, you can work as a personal trainer anywhere in the world. By choosing an accredited school, your certification is accepted worldwide, which means you could work at a 5-star resort in Thailand or The Maldives and as you gain more experience, you’ll make more money.

See the World

Once certified, you can start looking at foreign postings and by registering with all the top recruitment agencies that specialize in the fitness sector. This would give you quite a choice of placements to consider and you can put together an impressive resume.

Online Study

There are many benefits to learning online, especially during these troubled times, and with a virtual study mentor, you have all the support you need. Daily video calls will keep you on track and motivated, while online lectures are scheduled to suit and the challenging curriculum is delivered by industry professionals.

On-Campus Study

The leading training academy has several locations in the UK, where you can join a group and experience the camaraderie that group learning generates and whether living on campus or traveling in, you will be striving toward certification and a new life.

Finance Options

You can take advantage of a zero-interest loan plan to spread the payment over a couple of years and once you are actually working, you will make good money. Here is some UK government information about setting up your own business, which every budding entrepreneur should read.

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