If you want to have a stress-free trip while driving a car you just rented, you have to check many things.

In this article, we’ll look at the items you must look for when getting a car rental. It’s not only the price — there’s a lot more you should be looking at.


Take a minute and check the car for any existing damages the dealer might not be telling you.

If you do find any damage, no matter how small, tell the car rental agent to note it on your papers before you drive.

Common damages worth noting include:

  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Cigarette burns

Fuel Type

Never forget to check what fuel the car is using.

Open the cap. Is it using petrol or diesel? If you’re not sure, ask the agent.

Then, ask the fuel policy. Try these questions:

  • Do I have to return it with a full tank?
  • Can I pay for a full tank upfront and return it empty?
  • Can I just pay for what I have used?

Compare car hire deals, and you’ll see they have different fuel policies.

Car Rentals


Check whether the car has sat-nav and if it’s set to your language. If the car doesn’t have one, just download a sat-nav app on your smartphone. Try online and offline maps, too.

These things will help you sort out your route when you hit the road. Sometimes, they can also help you avoid bumpy roads that can damage your rented car.

Petrol Stations

Check for nearby petrol stations. It’s wise to do this so that you can fill the tank up right before you return the vehicle to the shop.

Your Papers

Before you pick up the car, you’ll need to present the right papers.

Bring your driving license. You must ensure you’re legally allowed to drive. If you’re driving abroad, make sure you got the right international driving permits.

Meanwhile, credit cards are often used as a guarantee to cover any incidental costs like parking fees, traffic violations, missing fuel, and others. So, bring some valid credit cards too.

Also, in the UK, you’re required to get a digital code that will share your driving information. Get it on the DVLA website.

The Fine Print

Take the time to read the contract. Always ask questions about any vague terms or conditions — about anything you don’t understand.

You want to be thorough when it comes to key dates, locations, and prices.

Check for any limitations on mileage, number of passengers, as well as extra fees, taxes, and surcharge.

Contact Number

And lastly, make sure you have the dealer’s contact number. This is obvious, but many car renters still often overlook it.

You want to have a direct communication line with the shop in case emergencies involving the car happen.

Getting a Car Rental

Getting a car rental shouldn’t be a stressful task as long as you know what you should look for. These items let you get the best out of your renting experience without the stress and hassle. Enjoy your ride!

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