Have you ever experienced the frustration of cleaning and tidying your home, only to realize that it still looks cluttered? Even though your home is organized and tidy, it may still appear to be cluttered. Today we are going to take a look at things that make your home look cluttered.

Home Clured


Nothing can make an interior space appear more cluttered than piles of magazines, coupons, and mail. If your place appears stuffed or busy, it may simply be because you have too many pieces of paper lying around. Since there will always be an influx of paper into your home, it is important that you form a habit of clearing your space from paper.

Something else you can do is to buy a small filing cabinet that you can place nearby for important mail. You should also cancel any excessive magazine subscriptions and donate books that you are never going to read. By canceling unwanted subscriptions, you won’t only reduce your clutter, but you will also save some money. Also, get into the habit of recycling or throwing paper containing junk mail or useless information away.

Things That Don’t Have Their Own Place


Is your interior space full of things that don’t have their designated place? Things like photo albums, tablet computers, and pencil cases can easily make a place appear cluttered if they don’t have storage space. To solve this problem, visit a storage solution business and find designer shelves that look good and that is developed to save space. Find all the things that belong together and place them together in one place.


Dirty clothes or clothes that you have worn but that is not yet dirty enough for a wash can sometimes clutter your bedroom or bathroom. Again, you have to get into the habit of putting clothes somewhere other than your living space. Make room in your closet for clothes that you would still like to wear the next day and buy a hamper that is big enough for all your dirty clothes if you don’t have one.

You Don’t Tidy Up Enough

When you tidy every day, it can take a few minutes. When you organize and tidy up your place once a week, it will be a much more overwhelming task that will take longer. Schedule time every day to spend on cleaning and decluttering your home. Leave the larger cleaning tasks like cleaning underneath your couch for your weekly cleaning session. This will ensure that your place always looks clean and organized.


If you have a rug in your space that you bought way back or that someone gave to you, it can easily make your place look cluttered if it is not the correct size. A correctly sized rug can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your interior space. This doesn’t mean that you have to throw your precious rug out, however. Your existing rug may fit somewhere else in your home or you can experiment with rug layering to make space seem less cluttered.

Kids and Pets

This is a bit more difficult one. After all, your home is a living space and sometimes clutter is the result of some happy times. If your kids are a bit older, you can establish their toys, gaming consoles, and books. If they forget to pack their stuff away or if they are busy with something else, try to make use of a reward system, for example, a doing something fun during weekends when everything was packed away every day of the week.

As far as pets are concerned, you may want to do an internet search or find products online that your pets can use that will result in less cluttering. If the clutter in your home damage is caused by a roommate, draw up some ground rules and arrange a house meeting to discuss it with them.

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