Wisdom teeth have no connection to how wise you are. There are simply called this because they are the last of the teeth to come through and they don’t usually start until you are 21, wise enough to know a few of the facts of life!

It should be noted that not everyone has wisdom teeth, as said by an orthodontist in Arlington, VA. They are at the very back of your mouth, one on each side at the top and bottom. If you look in your mouth and see six molars, that’s your big grinding teeth, then you have wisdom teeth.

Some people barely notice their arrival and don’t experience any other issues with them. Others will experience pain as they erupt and on an ongoing basis afterward.

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Painful

The average mouth is smaller than it used to be and there are suggestions that this can be linked with health issues in later years. But, the issue in regards to wisdom teeth is that there simply isn’t space for them. The result is the wisdom teeth arrive at a funny angle.

Because they are at an angle only part of the tooth breaks the surface and the other part rests against the next tooth in your mouth. This is known as an impacted wisdom tooth and it will be painful. It can also place pressure on your other teeth and cause issues. The pressure of a wisdom tooth can move the other teeth changing your bite and giving you other issues.

If you think you have an impacted wisdom tooth you need to get help from a reputable Little Bay Invisalign dentist. If necessary, they will remove the tooth and can even offer additional treatment such as braces. This can help ensure the rest of your teeth are positioned correctly.

Tooth pain

Wisdom Tooth Pain Comes & Goes

When your wisdom tooth breaks the gum and tries to grow upward it causes you pain, as would anything trying to cut your skin. The gum around the tooth will swell and it is often this pressure that causes pain as the tooth is unable to move enough to erupt through the gum.

The pain will last several days and then the inflammation will subside, reducing the pain. It can even vanish completely.

However, your tooth will try again, this will cause the pain to start again. It can be a few days or a few months between the pain but, it is normal that the pain becomes more intense every time the tooth tries to break the skin.

This is the real giveaway that you have an impacted wisdom tooth that will probably need to be removed.  Pain can travel through the sinuses and cause headaches.

Other Concerns

If you leave it the gum is likely to become infected causing an array of complications.

You should also note that the angle of the erupting tooth makes it difficult to clean the area. This increases the risk of bacteria causing cavities and other dental issues. Don’t wait until it is too late and book an appointment with the Dentist In San Antonio to remedy your wisdom tooth pain immediately.

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