We should all have oral examinations on a regular basis, which is a far better way to ensure good oral hygiene than simply visiting the dentist when you are in pain. Your dentist would recommend that you have a check-up every 6 months or thereabouts. If you’re wondering what a dental check-up entails, you’ve come to the right place, as this article explains in some detail what the dentist does when you go for a check-up.

Checking Your History

Prior to the dentist carrying out an examination, he or she would likely want to know some things about your past, especially if this is your first time to this particular dental clinic. This might be done by the receptionist or hygienist and they would ask about whether or not you are currently taking medication (if yes, what medication and how long have you been taking it), whether you have had any illnesses since your last visit, and they would ask how you are feeling at this time. These notes are passed on to the dentist, who needs this information in order to build up a picture of your history, which might help if there are issues.  If you need a recommendation, do consider Jason Ray DDS in Santa Monica for dental care.

Initial Examination

Dental Check-Up

The first part of the examination would involve cleaning your teeth, which allows the dentist to see exactly what’s happening in your mouth. The hygienist or dental assistant might be the one to carry out the cleaning, depending on how busy the dentist is. Once the cleaning is over, the dentist will begin to examine your teeth and gums. The dentist uses a metal rod and a small mirror that allows him or her to see behind the teeth and in those awkward corners, primarily looking for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. If you are looking for a dentist covering North Shore, Sydney, there is an excellent clinic with a great name within the community, and they offer a wide range of treatments at affordable prices.

Oral X-Rays

The dentist would take a set of X-Rays to check that all is well under the gum line and if there are no issues, the dentist would ask a few questions about your oral hygiene practices, reminding you of the importance of thorough brushing and flossing. Finally, the dentist would ask you if you have any questions, then the examination is over and you can book the next appointment with the receptionist. There are articles you can find online that talk about what to expect when undergoing an oral examination, which is informative and to the point. Reading them should prepare you for your dental appointment.

In the event the dentist thinks you should have treatment, he or she would explain what is wrong, plus give you advice on self-care until you come in for the treatment. The next appointment would be made as soon as possible in order to carry out the prompt treatment.

According to research, 80% of Australian adults see their dentist annually, and to be sure, you could have two check-ups in a year, which is not unusual. If you have yet to register with a dentist, a Google search will help you find a local clinic, and then you can register online and make your first appointment.

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