Fleet vehicles are the engines for some companies. They act as lifelines for them. Taking maintenance into consideration, they require a lot more than regular private vehicles as they need to perform well and be in top shape always.

Maintaining Your Fleet Vehicles

To ensure your fleet vehicles are in good condition and give the best performance for important projects and sites, you need to take extra care of them. Some tips to maintain your fleet vehicles for its smooth running are:

  • Always change the oil after three months.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle’s air filter.
  • Check whether the tires are good shape and condition.
  • Wash your fleet vehicle regularly.
  • Clean and wash your vehicle at regular intervals.

Managing Your Fleet Maintenance

Keeping your fleet vehicles in top shape is very essential for achieving the service and sales related targets of your organization. Both the vehicle and the driver should be safe and productive on the road to maintain your reputation. There are various things that you can do to maintain fleet vehicles. The following are some of the things that you can incorporate in your fleet management program.

Preventive Maintenance

You should take proper care of your fleet vehicles to reduce unscheduled repairing jobs and downtime. Preventive maintenance includes changing the fuel regularly, checking the rotation and inspecting the tires, and regular washing and cleaning of the vehicle. This will help you to retain the mileage of your vehicle and keep the parts safe and in good condition.

Concentrating on Your Ownership Cost

With age, the maintenance cost of your fleet vehicle may increase. So you should always concentrate on it so that it does exceed your ownership cost. In addition to this, you should always understand the warranty coverage that the manufacturer is giving for the vehicle and how it will affect your ownership cost.

Speculate Your Vehicles Properly

You should make some speculations regarding the fleet vehicle to have a proper management program for it. Try to find out the rising demands of each vehicle from the market. This will not only help you to reduce your costs, but you will also have fewer repair issues. Speculate about your vehicle depending on its usage and how much load it can carry down the road which will ultimately have an impact on your overall budget.

Fleet Vehicles

Communicate the Company Policy to Your Drivers

You must communicate the policy of the company to your fleet drivers. Make sure all of them are aware of their responsibilities and know the company policies and rules. They should know how to use the company-owned vehicle. They should be aware of the PM schedules of the company and maintenance policies. Fleet drivers must also know what measures they should take in case of accidents.

Go for Regular Maintenance and Repairs

You must take your fleet vehicles for regular maintenance. And if they require the slightest of repairs, bring your vehicles to Black Label Automotive Mechanics Gold Coast for repairing jobs and high-quality services. This will help you to reduce the cost and also keep the vehicles in top shape for running smoothly.

Benefits of Fleet Management Program

The fleet management program is the best way for organizations to control and reduce costs, be safe and lower risk factors, improve productivity, and maintain compliance for their fleet vehicles. Most of the businesses opt for fleet management programs because of its wide range of advantages. Some of them are:

  • Lower maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Provide better safety to fleet drivers.
  • More visibility and information regarding your fleet vehicle.
  • Fleet vehicles can be scheduled easily.
  • Faster dispatching of the vehicles.
  • Enhanced customer service.

Getting Your Drivers to Maintain Fleet Vehicles

Many companies or fleet managers rely on their company drivers for maintaining their fleet vehicles and to take proper care of them. The drivers have the responsibility to take the vehicles for regular maintenance schedules and customer appointments. Some may be efficient in doing their job, while others may not be so much responsible. Fleet managers can take some steps to help drivers take the best care of the company-issued fleet vehicles. Some of them are:

  • Giving the drivers proper education.
  • Providing proper training on driving fleet vehicles.
  • Telling them the company policies in detail.
  • Giving them incentives and rewards.
  • Communicating all the credentials and information of the vehicle and its owner.
  • Thinking about the safety measures of the vehicle.
  • Assuring the safety of the driver.


A fleet maintenance program is very essential for your vehicle to be in pristine condition and well-maintained so that there is no chance of compliance from your clients. Always partner with a fleet maintenance provider like Black Label Automotive to provide the best services to your customers.

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