The good news is that this isn’t a complicated issue. Trees on your property are your responsibility and, you need to keep them from touching power lines. After all, the tree is on your property and therefore your responsibility.

The power line remains the responsibility of the electric company and only occupies the air space above your home. Of course, the fact that electricity is very dangerous is enough to ensure the electrical company handles maintenance on these.

In a perfect world, your tree will be trimmed long before it gets close to the height of the power lines. However, it is not always that simple as trees grow fast, and planned maintenance is often postponed for very good reasons.

But, you should note that trees are very good at conducting electricity! When the limbs touch the power line they carry the charge into the tree. All you need to do is give it an alternate route to the earth and you will get to feel the power of electricity.

In short, the moment you climb up your ladder and connect with a branch in contact with the power line, you will get a shock. In most cases, this leads to hospitalization.

This is why the electric company has a dedicated form to report trees too close to power lines.

Tree Branches

Dealing With the Issue

You probably would like to go up the tree and trim it yourself. However, this is not a safe or advisable option. A simple gust of wind can push a branch against the power lines and give you a nasty shock.  If there is no chance of your tree touching the power line, then doing it yourself is an option.

However, you still need to proceed with caution as cutting as trimming trees can create an array of issues and injuries.

The best approach is to get a professional firm, such as this firm specializing in tree lopping North Shore. They have the experience, training, and all the safety gear needed to effectively trim your tree and keep it away from the power lines.

As a bonus, they are experts in tree health and can give you tips regarding how much to trim and other things you should know to keep your tree in good health for many more years.

It is also worth noting that trees too close to power lines can be reported and the power company may decide to deal with the matter themselves. This is often the case if they are entangled in the power lines. The result is you will get a bill for the work done and it is certain to be significantly more than just getting the tree loppers in

Trees are beautiful but having them in your yard means monitoring them. It is not just power lines you need to be careful of, a tree can damage your neighbor’s house or even hurt a random person walking by. It is essential to look after it properly and the best way to do this is with the aid of professionals.

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