Trees come in a wide array of types and sizes, from tiny fruit trees that you can simply grow on the porch to really tall oaks that are perfect for huge yards. If you are looking for the right trees to grow on a small property, don’t worry! There are also countless choices.

The Local Tree Expert well-suited for your garden, you must determine the exact measure of the space you have. An important rule to keep in mind when planting a tree is to make sure the tree is far enough away from the house. To do this, the distance must be at least half of the max height of the tree. For example, if your tree reaches 20 feet after maturity, then it must be at least 10 feet from your home.

If your project happens to be cutting old trees and replacing them with new ones, then you must attend to this first before choosing the right trees for your yard. You must have a solid plan on how to get rid of them. For example, you might want to hire a waste dumpster for the trees or you prefer to get a log splitter from a well-trusted woods log splitter supplier to turn huge wood into smaller pieces. These small pieces of wood can be used for other stuff, such as mulch and firewood.

For your small property, ornamental trees are very well-suited as they grow quite slowly. There are also various dwarf trees that you may like. Small trees also come in different types. This means they provide different functions, such as privacy, color, and shade.

To help you choose among the countless types of trees, here are the best types that fit very well in small spaces.

1. Camellia Japonica

Camellia Japonica

A Camellia Japonica is a popular choice for a small yard. It is a type of evergreen tree that makes attractive and bright flowers. It provides attractive colors to your yard all throughout the year, especially that it is a double-bloomer. What’s more, this type of tree call up California arborists is simple to prune and does not need that much maintenance. The flowers are generally red, white, or pink. In its maturity, a Camellia Japonica can grow up to 12 feet in height and 10 feet in width.

2. Prairifire Crabapple

This is a type of deciduous tree that blooms pretty pink flowers during spring. Meanwhile, it creates purple fruits during winter and fall. A prairie fire crabapple is a great choice for sheltering and feeding wildlife. You can grow one tree in your front yard to add more appeal. Plant this tree in a spot where it receives full sunlight. Make sure to give it enough space to grow up to twenty feet both in height and width.

3. Ribbon-leaf Japanese Maple

Many people, they consider the Ribbon-leaf Japanese Maple to be the best tree for compact spaces. It has a beautiful shape, appealing foliage, and not to mention, an artistic structure of the branches during winter. This type of Japanese Maple has leaves that turn red at the beginning of spring, turn bronze during summer, and then a bright orange during fall. You can anticipate this tree to grow up to 12 feet.

4. Zuni Crape Myrtle

Zuni Crape Myrtle

A Zuni Crape Myrtle is commonly found in city gardens. It is perfect for masking unappealing views. It creates pink flowers in late summer; however, it has excellent greenery and a colorful bark in the growing season. One trunk can go as high as 12 feet, but you can plant more for wider canopy coverage.

5.Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is well-known in the midwest and south. When it reaches maturity, it can be as high as 25 feet. This tree produces red leaves and white flowers. It also has gray bark, making it perfect for privacy in compact areas. Moreover, the Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry produces fruits that taste like blueberries, excellent for making pies, jams, and jellies.

6. Japanese Stewartia

If you are looking for something really short, then a Japanese Stewartia is an excellent choice. This grows up to 10 feet and can provide a relatively low canopy cover. This tree produces vibrant and green foliage during the summer season. However, during mid-summer, it blooms white flowers.

7. Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree

A Dogwood Tree creates huge flower-like leaves during spring. It also produces red berries and foliage during autumn. This type of tree has incredible strength as it can endure harsh winter, drought, and even resistant to certain diseases. A dogwood tree is a deciduous tree that can grow as high and wide as twenty feet.

8. Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle

A Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle is a type of dwarf tree that produces brilliant flowers. It also features a traditional bark. The black foliage it produces allows the flowers to become brighter. The shrubs of this tree can go up to 12 feet in height and around 8 feet in width.

9. Royal Star Magnolia

A Royal Star Magnolia can grow up to 15 feet tall both in height and width. This type of tree can endure heat and cold better compared to the typical Magnolia tree. It produces bright flowers that are white and fragrant. These flowers bloom before the start of spring when the foliage appears.

10. Amelanchier Trees (Juneberry)

Amelanchier Trees

These trees are a wonderful addition to your small garden as they produce beautiful white flowers during spring. In autumn, Amelanchier Trees make purple berries, which are a favorite of birds. The leaves are initially bronze, but slowly turn red when they start to fade. These trees are ideally planted in a partially shaded or sunny area.

These are only among the many trees that you can plant in your small yard. However, these are among the most popular due to the features they provide. Remember, when choosing the type of tree, always determine why you are planting them in the first place. Also, take a look at their needs if it is practical for you. To know more The Local Tree Experts.

Good luck!

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