Picnics are among the most interesting and favorite activities for me. Getting to spend time with the family and having as much fun as possible all-inclusive is something I wouldn’t miss for the world. For your next family picnic, here are seven interesting ideas you may want to consider. Read on!

1. Midnight picnic

Midnight picnic

Most people view picnics as a daily activity. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Think of all the fun you will have with your family when you decide to make your picnic at midnight. Of Course, it should be on the weekend so that your kids will not have to miss a school day.

Plan your day earlier. Have all the snacks you need and food, of course. You can spoil your kids by letting them have extra bites on their favorite junks. Get some games to play to avoid being bored. Bring more fun by having music, and you can even split into teams and compete. Invite your friends and their family if you want; the more, the merrier, right?

2. Floating picnic

Floating picnic

This might sound crazy, but it’s a fun idea that you will love. Imagine holding your picnic in the middle of an ocean or beach. You may have your picnic on a boat with your family. This is the most logical way that many would consider. But if you want to spice things, even more, think outside the box: Floating docks. 

So instead of getting on a boat for your picnic, get yourself a modular floating platform. Do not worry; they are designed to support you and your family in this case firmly. They are portable and will make a nice platform to hold your picnic, and your kids can go swimming without you being worried they will wander off. Give it a shot!

3. Themed picnic

Themed picnic

Picnics are loved by people worldwide, so there’s no need to limit your choices. With different cuisines all over the world, you can try as much as you wish. To ensure that you make the most out of this themed picnic, pick a country that you are most interested in with their cuisine and make your picnic based on that.

To add fun to it, ensure that you do not handle all the cooking by yourself. Have your family help you. Trust me; you will enjoy it even more as you all learn how to prepare the meals from the chosen country that you’ll later try. Give yourself and your family some time to get loose, do not set any restrictions or rules, simply enjoy! 

4. Mud-pie-maker


Who said there’s anyone who is too old to have fun! This one’s a bit frisky but fun altogether. It’s good to reminisce about your childhood memories every once in a while, or better still, live them.

For this picnic, get a bunch of cans and join your kids in the field or backyard to make a mud pie. You can even turn your mud-pie-making picnic into a game of mud and dirt fest. Keep the fun rolling, and be rest assured that your kids will have not only fun but great memories to re-live with their kids. You can even make it a family thing and prepare the actual mud pie by following the recipes.

5. Historic picnic

Historic picnic

There is nothing as amazing as teaching your kids about their heritage and country in general. Suppose you are a bit fanatic of history. In that case, you can prepare a “general Washington returns home from war picnic” or your favorite historical personnel by setting out your family to dress like soldiers and other participants in the war.  

This picnic is mostly set out for the soldiers that return home. Have everybody pick a story from that particular historical time to tell. Reliving this allows your kids to learn more about their country’s history but in a much fun way. You can prepare the colonial pie or favorite meal agreed upon. The essence is to have fun.

6. Favourite snack picnic

Favourite snack picnic

Am sure that everyone in your family has a favorite snack. Well, make this an idea for the next picnic you’ll have. Have everyone write down their favorite snack and bring them for the next picnic. Take half of the snacks brought and mix them up and share them will everybody. Ensure that everyone gets a share.

Now take the other half and have everyone compete to win their favorite snack in a game or answering a set of questions. You will be surprised at how people can be competitive when it comes to things they love, such as food!

7. The Blanket Run

This game is quite the “ride” if you have any extra blankets. Begin with splitting into two groups. Have one person sit on the blanket and another standing with the blanket edge in hand for both teams.  Let them pull their partner through the lawn or grass in the field as fast as possible. You can make it more challenging by having them exchange on their way back to the finish line.


Picnics with the family make lasting summer memories. On the other hand, planning one may seem like one more item to add to the to-do list for working parents with busy families. It doesn’t have to be intimidating, though. A picnic is no more difficult than an indoor dinner—in reality, it can be simpler—and should be seen as a fun family outing!   So whatever you decide to add to the next one, the essence is to have fun! Make the most of it!

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