Kolkata, the culinary and cultural city of India, is also known as a food lover’s heaven. From tempting Bengali classic dishes to North Indian food and fascinating South Indian flavours, the finest Indian restaurants in Kolkata provide an incredible range of tasty dishes that furnish each palate. This post discusses some Indian food delights to savour in Kolkata’s restaurants.

1. Bengali Fish Curry

Fish Curry

Bengali fish curry, or Machher Jhol, is a delectable dish that includes soft pieces of fish prepared in a spicy and aromatic gravy mix of mustard oil, tomatoes, and conventional Bengali spices. The dish is normally served with steamed rice, making it a typical Bengali meal that is easily available in Indian restaurants in Kolkata.

2. Kolkata’s Biryani


Different from Lucknowi or Hyderabadi editions, Kolkata’s biryani is cooked with aromatic Basmati rice, seasoned chicken or mutton, and flavourful spices. It is recognized for its utilization of potatoes, which take in the flavors of biryani.

3. Kathi Rolls

Kolkata is popular for its Kathi Rolls, a scrumptious street food that has gained huge prominence. These rolls include tender, seasoned meat (mutton, chicken, or paneer for veggie lovers) prepared on skewers and covered in paratha bread. The roll is generally integrated with a layer of frizzled egg and different sauces to make an ideal mix of flavors. So, you can enjoy this dish in many Indian restaurants in Kolkata.

4. Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto

This is a conventional Bengali food prepared with potatoes in a savory paste of poppy seed. This dish is a unique mix of creaminess and spiciness, and it is generally enjoyed with steamed rice. The nutty taste of poppy seeds offers a particular twist to this vegetarian delicacy. This is the best dish served by many Indian restaurants in Kolkata.

5. Macher Chop

The street food offered in Kolkata involves different tasty snacks, and Macher Chop is an approved selection. These are frangible fish croquettes cooked using deep-frying spiced fish paste. This dish is a perfect example of an on-the-go snack, and you can find this food in various Indian restaurants in Kolkata.

6. Kosha Mangsho

Kosha Mangsho is a gradually-cooked, spicy Bengali mutton curry that is abundant in flavour. The dish gets its unique taste from a mix of distinct spices and soft mutton chunks. It is usually eaten with parathas or steamed rice.

7. Luchi and Alur Torkari

Luchi is a deep-fried bread, the same as puri, normally eaten with Alur Torkari, an appetizing potato curry. This conventional Bengali breakfast is easy to make and has a pleasing taste, thereby making it a beloved comfort food for many people.

8. Chingri Malai Curry

Chingri Malai Curry

This dish is a famous Bengali dish, attributing prawns made in a mustard and creamy coconut mustard gravy. The exquisite sweetness of the prawns, mixed with the abundance of the sauce, comes out as a unique flavour served by top Indian restaurants in Kolkata.

9. Dhokar Dalna

It is a veg delight prepared from spiced lentil cakes or dhoka dressed in a tasty tomato gravy. This dish provides an ideal mix of spices and textures and is generally made to be eaten with steamed rice or luchi. You must try this dish when visiting the finest Indian restaurants in Kolkata.

10. Mutton Rezala

It is a North Indian dish that has found its place in the culinary landscape of Kolkata. It involves juicy mutton pieces cooked in a yogurt-based, creamy gravy with flavorful spices. This dish possesses a mild, somewhat sweet taste that sets it apart from the rest of the Indian dishes.

11. Shukto

Shukto is one of the best-known Kolkata dishes for vegetarians and can be savored in various Indian restaurants in Kolkata. This dish includes many vegetables, like bitter gourd, bottle gourd, potatoes, and pumpkin. The dish is generally eaten with rice and flatbread. It tastes partially sweet and partially sour and matches all palates.

12. Mochar Ghonto

Known as an exclusive dish, Mochar Ghonto is a must-try delicacy in Kolkata. This dish is cooked with banana flowers and grated coconut and eaten with rice. The banana flower is cleaned properly and then cooked in a pressure cooker with flavourful spices to get a rich taste!

13. Chelo Kebab

If you are a chicken fan, then an exclusive dish of mutton seekhs and chicken kebabs is one that you definitely try in the best non-vegetarian Indian restaurants in Kolkata. Eaten with steamed rice and veggies, it is an especially lip-smacking food and can be taken up as a main course or starter.

14. Katla Kalia

It is a conventional delicacy cooked using 3 kg of Katla fish. Prepared with bay leaf, onions, ginger, and garlic paste that is additionally curd with garam masala, spices, and ghee. Katla Kalia is the most preferred food for a Sunday midday meal.

15. Jhalmuri

Amidst the best street food in Kolkata, Jhalmuri is an ideal snack that you can enjoy while roaming through the streets. This appears like muri or puffed rice and is garnished with peanuts, coriander, and various spices, which makes it a special and quick bite.

16. Chop Spicy Cutlets

Also called cutlets in a few portions of North India, the chop is one of the finest fillings yet savory snacks to eat in the city. This Kolkata food is made by filling prawns, alur, or chicken into a ball prepared of dough, which is then deep-fried for crispiness. You can eat it dry or consume it with your preferred chutney and tea!

17. Patisapta

This is one of the remarkable sweet delights that is a favourite for each Bengali person there. Patisapta is made by using the push parbon with many conventional sweets like Dudh-Puli, Malpua, and Kolar Bora. Prepared from milk and tasteful flour, this is formed in a round shape, filled with coconut, mawa, and dry fruit, and offered like a roll.


Both the culture and food of Kolkata speak much about this city. So, don’t think anymore and give your tummy a feast by moving on a gastronomical ride to the best Indian restaurants in Kolkata.

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