At Gulf Coast Western, Steve Ziemke understands why oil remains essential to America, despite growing interest in renewables. As senior vice president, he sees oil demand rising globally, with prices projected to stay high in 2023. The shift to electric cars likely won’t impact prices for 10–15 years.

Ziemke also knows that the complex oil and gas industry supports millions of U.S. jobs, from engineers to construction workers. Its growth creates opportunities in related sectors too. Oil and gas companies pay significant taxes as well, funding communities across America.

Technological innovation thrives too, as companies heavily invest in R&D to improve exploration and efficiency. The industry spearheads advancements in robotics, data analytics, and more, fueling progress across sectors.

Oil and gas products are vital for everyday life as well, from plastic car parts to petroleum-based goods. With demand increasing as the population grows, Ziemke believes continuing U.S. exploration is crucial for stability and independence: “There are vast oil and gas reserves available to us, and I think that will help us continue to meet our needs and to keep us independent.”

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