Acquiring a Green Card is what foreign people need to be able to live and work permanently in the United States. It is the key to becoming a permanent resident of this country. However, the application process is very time consuming and complicated. Many have been trying to find the easiest and fastest way of applying for it. 

 Many things are to be considered and followed when it comes to applying for a Green Card. There are certain categories you need to fall under to, so you can be able to apply for a petition for the application process. 

 Here are a few vital tips that you can follow to get your Green Card.

U.S. Green Card

 1. You must have a visa first before applying for a green card. Whether it is a non-immigrant or immigrant visa, it is one of the basic requirements for you to process your application for being a permanent resident. A visa is a document that can be predetermined under what category you should be when you are about to apply for your residency. Once you have an approved visa, you can easily enter the US and apply for the green card.

 2. Know under what categories you should be to apply for the petition. If you fall under a family-sponsored green card or employment green card, you will need someone to sponsor you to file for the petition. If you plan to process a self-petition, then you don’t need to worry. See this page for more details about how you can have a green card through petitioning yourself.

 3. Now that you have identified what category you are under, make sure to submit the necessary documents and requirements in the USCIS office. Follow all instructions carefully and avoid making mistakes and missing deadlines. This can get you denied.

4. Be patient and wait for necessary instructions, like when you are asked to submit additional requirements. Keep in mind the date of the interview, and other processes that will make sure the success of your green card application.

 5. Always be honest when it comes to filling up your forms and answering questions during the interview with USCIS. Falsification of any documents or information may get you in trouble. Violating the oath of truthfulness during your interview is also a crime, and you will have to pay some fees for doing so.

6. Hire or consult a lawyer if you think you have some legal issues concerning your application process as if you have a criminal record or have encountered problems before when applying for a green card. Also, having a lawyer is necessary if you want to be clear with other legal matters regarding your application.

7. Avoid breaking the law or committing any crimes or illegal activities when in the process of applying for a green card. This is the surest way of being denied and deported. 

8. Once under the process of the green card application, try not to travel outside the U.S for more than a year. If possible, do not leave the country in the meantime.

 There are many ways and tips in acquiring a green card to enjoy being a citizen of the United States finally. These are only some of the few things that you should bear in mind. Abide by the USCIS rules, regulations, and properly follow instructions provided by them to help yourself in successfully acquiring your green card. Remember that there is no harm in being obedient and patient when it comes to trying to achieve something. It may be long and tiring, but once you are already holding the flashy Green Card, it sure feels worth all the trouble and wait.

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