Whether you are looking for a fast and competitive RC boat or a slower one for a tranquil pond sail, nothing can change the fact that driving these boats can be a hobby you will enjoy for hours. If you’re a first-time buyer, knowing the salient features of these remote control boats can help you decide better.

Boating with the use of a remote control boat can be a fun outdoor activity for the whole family. And with the vast array of RC boats available in the market, you can surely find one that suits your preferences and budget. But before you get all excited to make that purchase, check out all these vital RC boat facts and features.

Why go for RC boats?

Fun and relaxation are the two essential things for people looking for a worthwhile hobby. Driving and sailing with the use of your RC boat can give you both. To relax after a hectic and toxic weekend, you can invite your family out for a picnic down the nearby lake or pond. While the rest of the family enjoys chatting and eating together, you can set your boat to sail on the pond. You can even invite your other family members to a boat race. Either way, you will all feel happy and relaxed after the bonding activity.

According to Dr. Wallace Nichols, a world-renowned marine biologist and author, being in the water have a calming effect. He also explained further that swimming pools, creeks, bays, oceans, rivers, and lakes are all “blue spaces” that reinforce the people’s “blue mind.” This blue mind is the energy that separates people from the distractions and pressures of life. Having this kind of mind can significantly reduce the stresses of your day and offer you that break from your overstimulated lives.

Aside from the calmness of the water, driving your RC boat on the lake or pond provides a new and better way to experience nature.

Where can you use your RC boat?

Remote Control Boats

RC boats’ use may be more limited than RC trucks and cars. Meanwhile, when compared to RC helicopters and planes, it is safer to use. The latter can be dangerous to use in crowded areas. Here are some areas where you can drive and enjoy your remote control boat.

  • Ponds:

If you are a beginner in RC boat driving, choose the local ponds as your playground. Since the pond is smaller, there will be little chances that your boat will get lost. Also, if your boat will capsize or run out of battery, you can quickly get your boat back. These ponds are also quiet and calm, so it is easier to control your boat.

  • Rivers:

If you have a little bit of experience, you can move from pond to rivers. These bodies of water will make sure that you can judge the water’s flow and ensure that you have adequate control, especially when the river starts to flow out into the sea.

  • Swimming pools:

If you are driving your boat with kids, choose the swimming pool as your driving track. With these pools, you will not run the risk of losing your boat when the kids play with it.

  • Lakes:

Lakes are great places to drive your boat as it is very calm and static. Lakes are best when you are racing and have many boats at once. If you have noisy and powerful boats, this is the perfect play-spot.

Driving an RC boat may be a simple activity, but the amount of fun and relaxation you can get out of it can be life-changing.

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