Boat owners of all kinds know how important it is to keep their vessels nice and clean. According to an analysis from Bankrate, the annual cost to maintain a boat is approximately 10 percent of the cost of the boat itself. 

Whether you already own a boat or you’re thinking of buying one, knowing some crucial cleaning tips is vital.

Read on to get some advice regarding boating for beginners, and how to keep your vessel clean.

Boat Cleaning Basics

When you’re learning how to clean your boat, always start by rinsing with clean water and go from the top, working downward. Make sure you remove any excess debris like dirt, grass, or seaweed.

Next, take a large bucket and mix mild soap with clean water to remove stubborn stains. Look for special boat cleaning products that are specially formulated for watercraft.

When you scrub the boat, only use a mitt, a soft brush, or a soft cloth. Never use rough, abrasive cleaning tools that could damage the finish. After you scrub, finish by rinsing the boat with a hose without the spray nozzle to remove any remaining cleaning products.

Boating for Beginners: Drying the Boat

How you dry your boat is just as important as how you wash it. Make sure you thoroughly dry the hull, topsides, and all fibreglass, wood, and glass.,

Use a soft lint-free cloth or a chamois to prevent spotting. Remember to polish areas including the glass, Plexiglass hatches, and other areas. 

If possible, look for products made just for your specific boat type. For example, you can click for pontoon boat accessories to find specific products made just for pontoon boats. 

More Cleaning Tips

Part of boating for beginners is understanding these cleaning basics. How often you wash your boat depends on where you dock it and how often you use it.

If you need some cleaning help, there are usually boat cleaning professionals who can make sure that the cleaning job is done right. Always make sure that you store your boat is going to stay in drydock if you’re not planning to use it for an extended period of time.

It’s fine if you want to pressure wash your boat, but you must follow certain protocols to prevent damage. When in doubt, hiring a professional is the best way to avoid accidental damage. 

Wax your boat twice a year if you use it fairly often, and only use waxes specially formulated for watercraft. This extra step will keep it beautiful and protect it from fading and scratches.

Make Your Boat Beautiful

When it comes to boating for beginners, knowing how to clean your boat is an important step. Keep these tips in mind so your boat stays looking beautiful all year round. 

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