There is almost no person who doesn’t like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Even if you don’t drink it, you can’t help but inhale that potent, pleasant aroma with full lungs. This trait comes from the type of beans but also from the way they are roasted. As you can see on the colonyclubdc dark roast coffee review website, you can choose among hundreds of blends.

Many think that dark roast blends have the most potent flavor.  They stay on the roasting machine for a while or are exposed to a bit higher temperature. That’s where the flavor comes from. When exposed to heat, whole beans lose moisture. The longer they stay, the less dense they become. A single aroma comes out, and it’s usually something that coffee lovers describe as a mixture of roasted nuts, caramel, and chocolate.

Buy High-Quality Beans

If you are able to grind and make this hot potion at home, it will give you more pleasure than any to-go coffee from commercial machines. The process itself doesn’t take much time, and you can certainly dedicate yourself to it, at least over the weekend. A slow awakening with the smell of fresh blend is all you need.

The whole process of enjoying a hug in a mug begins with quality coffee beans. When you buy them, pay attention to the roast date. Everything shorter than two weeks will do. Whole beans roasted long ago can be full of moisture and lack flavor.

Try not to buy coffee beans in bulk. Even if you’re a passionate coffee lover, you shouldn’t have this ingredient in stock. The longer it sits on the shelf, the faster it loses its quality and flavor. Sure, you can prolong its shelf-life if you keep whole beans in well-sealed opaque containers in a place with no light and heat exposure.

On the following link, check some storage tips:

Grinding Process

Roast Coffee

Coffee beans intended for a dark roast blend should stay in a roasting machine for eight or nine minutes. That’s enough time for beans to bring their oils to the surface. Also, by that time, beans become thick and moisture-free. It makes them more brittle so that the grinding procedure will be a piece of cake. Freshly ground blend is much better than any store-bought as it doesn’t lose its flavor that fast.

These full bodies make the beans keep the genuine coffee flavor. Also, they are great for making finely-ground blends. You can easily make dust-like ground, which will speed up the extraction and brewing itself. You can use a coarser side to get this fine blend.

But keep in mind that a dust-like blend can easily clog your brewer. To avoid any mishaps, clean the device after every use and grind only small amounts of coffee.

Water Temperature

A rule of thumb for making dark roast coffee is that the water should not be just boiled. Its temperature must drop below 200 F so that the aromatic oils in this blend don’t burn out and trigger the ashy taste of your favorite hot potion. This way, you reduce the bitterness due to excessive extraction of aromatic compounds from the dark roast.

Brewing Procedure

When compared to light roast, beans that are roasted longer usually tend to brew faster. That means less time to enjoy a cup of your favorite hug in a mug. That is true, provided both blends are ground in the same way and to the same size. Explanation of roast types finds in this source.

There is a perfectly logical explanation for this. During prolonged roasting, whole beans crack, and microfractures form on them. These cracks provide faster penetration of boiled water during brewing. Thus, aromatic compounds are easier to extract because they dissolve better in water.

Coffee experts agree that brewing time for a dark roast should not be longer than 3 minutes. Anything over that will draw too many aromatic substances out of the beans. At the same time, too much aroma comes to the fore, and that’s not good. When they are mixed, they create a bitter aftertaste. It’s not exactly a pleasure.

A cup of hot, aromatic coffee in the morning is probably the best thing that can relax and awake you at the same time. No matter what your day will be, your morning dose of caffeine made from a quality dark roast blend will surely make it even better.

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