Whether it is an apartment or an office, the first thing that catches the visitor’s eye is the interior design style. This is especially true for the offices. Aiming to attract the attention of clients and establish trust among potential investors, business owners pay special attention to their office interior. As you know, window treatment plays an important role in interior design.

Office interior design has to meet many requirements. Its main functions are:

  • creating a comfortable working atmosphere;
  • reflecting the specifics of the company’s activities;
  • forming its positive image.

To get the best result, it is important to think through every design element, including the window curtains in Dubai.

What Are the Best Office Curtains in Dubai?

  • When choosing a window treatment, take into account the scope of work of office employees and their age. A special color scheme will be able to emphasize the general concept of the company and encourage employees to concentrate.
  • In large organizations, most often, they use certain models that emphasize the brand’s prestige.
  • If a company is engaged in the creative sphere, curtains made of light and airy fabrics are most appropriate for the office.
  • For IT and know-how teams, the curtains should be comfortable and practical.

Office windows

Office Curtains Classification

The following types of curtains are suitable for the office interior design:

  • Classic drapes — sliding curtains, combined with trims, tie-backs, lambrequins. They look very nice and do not distract the employees’ attention.
  • Blinds — window shades in the form of long segments with laces — are a very popular choice due to their functionality and low cost.
  • Rolled blinds — an alternative option for window decoration. The fabric is folded into a long roll of the sheet, fixed at the top of the structure.
  • Pleated curtains — blinds made of fabric or paper, which are collected into pleats. The canvas can be easily fixed at any height.

Popular Colors for Office Curtains

The color scheme of office curtains is no less important than their style and fabric. Designers advise using neutral and pastel shades:

  • White color looks stylish and elegant, does not irritate the eyes and distract the attention of employees;
  • Beige helps to improve mental performance, cheers up, does not strain eyesight;
  • Light yellow relieves fatigue and nervous tension, has a calming effect;
  • Light green color concentrates the attention of employees on the work process, makes the atmosphere light and cozy;
  • Light blue brings an element of lightness and airiness and is well combined with any interior style.

To conclude, office curtains should be practical — repelling dust, not fading in the sun, and maintaining the shape. Window treatment for offices is usually designed in a conservative style, convenient in use, and easy to clean. The best fabric option will be high-quality polyester with natural fibers and with special impregnation. For protection from the bright sun, blackout fabrics are ideal in Dubai.

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