We’re told we have one of the best education systems in the world. And in many ways it’s true. Our children leave school knowing how to read and write, and with knowledge of U-shaped valleys, the Tudors, and several classic novels. But there are glaring holes in the knowledge of school leavers, much of it to do with finance and day-to-day practicalities. Here are some of the key lessons they’re not taught, but should be…

How to manage money

For all the complexities of a GCSE maths lesson, children are never taught how to apply these numeracy skills to their own finances. A few basic lessons about how to budget and why spending money you don’t have will end up biting you on the behind would be of huge help to students who are about to enter the big wide world of adulthood. Helping them to understand interest rates, credit scores, mortgages, and how to make wise choices when it comes to investments would also be beneficial.


Vehicle maintenance

When you buy your first car, who shows you how to measure the tread on a tyre, how to change a flat tire, and how to check the oil and water? The young adult might learn this from mum or dad, but without a parental figure in their lives, they might not realize they even need to do these things before they’re driving around in a vehicle that’s either dangerous or about to conk out. You’re not assessed for vehicle maintenance knowledge on your driving test, therefore it’s a subject that should be taught in schools.

What to do in an accident

People can lose thousands of pounds simply by not knowing the most sensible way to respond to a vehicle accident. In schools, you’re never told that in a car accident you should take photos of the scene, note down the number plate of the other vehicle(s), ask for their name and number, and call your insurance company. You’re not even told what to do if the accident wasn’t your fault and you can claim compensation.

These are some of the many important lessons schools should be teaching our youngsters. Not knowing these things puts them at a disadvantage, as it allows them to be exploited by those who have already graduated from the university of life. They’re all lessons you’d rather learn in a classroom than discover for yourself the hard way in the years that follow.

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