You probably know that the Internet of Things, IoT, is a new digital network and as the name suggests, this is a global network for digital devices. Think of it as a World Wide Web for devices, which will be powered by 5G (thanks to Elon Musk) that offers 10x data transfer speeds and the network will be managed by AI.

So, how will the IoT affect your life?

Here is a glimpse into the near future.

Home management is taken to the next level; you can tell the climate control to start with a voice command, even though you are an hour’s drive away. The dinner will be ready as you pull into your driveway and if there’s heavy traffic, your food won’t be spoiled, while your humanoid housekeeper will prepare a refreshing drink by your favorite chair. If you’re at work and suddenly remember you left the light on in the bedroom, you can turn it off virtually, via a mobile app. The smart home will be everything you wished for and, all utilities and systems are managed by AI and you can get an instant report at any time of day or night, wherever you happen to be.


  • Driverless Vehicles

DVs will be the norm a decade from now, with all autonomous vehicles managed by AI using the IoT. In theory, traffic accidents will be a thing of the past, yet that remains to be seen. If the controller does not allow vehicles to be closer than a specified distance, then there’s no way an accident can occur and while people will be a little apprehensive at the start, we will soon trust automated vehicles with our lives. While on the topic of hi-tech, check out, a leading Florida-based managed IT services provider that can take your business to the next level.

  • Drone Deliveries

Amazon is already using drones to make deliveries in some US States and you can expect to see them where you live in the not-too-distant future. The system is simple enough, a mother truck with 6 drones on the roof and when they are loaded with the goods, the operator sends them all off to their delivery destinations and at the same time, the recipient receives a notification. Drone technology will reach the point where we dump our cars for these flying taxis, which takes mass transit to a new level.

  • Global Trading

The IoT will host all forms of global commerce, using super-fast speeds and state-of-the-art encryption; markets will be global and commodities bought and sold, while the system is managed by AI. If you run your own business, here are a few tips for effective online advertising.

  • Air Traffic Control

While we already have a very effective air traffic control system in place, the IoT will integrate regions of the world and over a period of time, humans will be taken out of the loop, leaving AI to direct all air traffic. If that bothers you, the fact that your flight captain is also a computer might come as a shock. If the truth is known, we have had the tech to have pilotless aircraft for some time, however, paying passengers are not happy without a human pilot in the cockpit and this will change eventually.

  • High Tech Equipment

The next generation of tech equipment will be able to repair itself and the IoT will enable a machine to run a diagnostic program to find. Industrial equipment will no longer need to be offline and the future of the manufacturing sector is purely robotic. Complex equipment will constantly relay data to the HQ, which is managed by AI and managers will always know the state of essential machinery and equipment.

  • Healthcare

The IoT will revolutionize healthcare, allowing patient data to be instantly streamed to the medical professional; it is predicted that people will receive a warning prior to a heart attack! Telehealth saw us through the pandemic and it is set to become a major part of our lives, helping doctors to deliver their services, while AI can already accurately diagnose cancer spots on a chest X-Ray. Even when a patient is at home, the medical professional can monitor their vital signs, thanks to the IoT, and should there be a need for a doctor visit, he or she will be there before you know it!

The Internet of Things is going to be a game-changer in so many respects and powered by 5G, this global network of digital devices will become the go-to platform for a wide range of new equipment. We often think about how life was before the Internet and in a few years, we will be wondering how we ever managed without the IoT.

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