How many of you start your day with coffee? Or pop up your Nespresso pods to brew coffee when you have to cram for a test or make a presentation but are feeling sleepy? Several of the readers will be nodding in agreement to these questions with a sly smile. As we all are guilty of drinking too much coffee when we need to meet a deadline but cannot find the energy to do so.

For us, coffee is not just a drink. It is an energy booster and a drink that can increase our concentration. The caffeine in coffee, which is the main ingredient and a natural stimulant, increases concentration, mental focus, and alertness in humans.

How does coffee increase concentration? And does it also help with creativity? These questions can start a debate between serious coffee-aficionado. Thus, in this blog, let us determine how coffee can stimulate concentration and how much coffee you should drink in a day?

How coffee and caffeine impact the brain to increase concentration?

Coffee is known to increase concentration and alertness. The fact that we are discussing in this blog. Here is how this happens:

When you drink a cup of joe, the caffeine in it adheres to the neurotransmitter known as adenosine in our brain. It is the part of the brain which helps regulate alertness, sleep, and attention.


There comes a time when adenosine stops working and gives the brain the signal that it is time to sleep. That undoubtedly affects the ability of humans to focus or stay awake.

Thus, the need for caffeine kicks in us, and we drink pods coffee for the caffeine to start working. The caffeine in it blocks the adenosine and alerts us while increasing our concentration.

Though the caffeine in your system does come out, and it makes you feel lethargic and unable to concentrate. That does not, however, imply that you drink unlimited coffee. Limit your intake and be in nature for a while to rejuvenate yourself.

Best way to drink coffee for increasing concentration

  • As we all understand how caffeine withdraws from our system, we can feel withdrawal symptoms, like headaches or jitters or loss of concentration. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you should try to drink coffee in a way that works for your body.
  • Why coffee for concentration and not a red bull or other energy drinks? Well, because these energy drinks have more sugar than caffeine which doesn’t help with concentration, but fills your body with extra calories.
  • As it takes six hours for caffeine to come out of our body. Therefore, it is best to drink another cup after exactly 48 hours. It will ensure that you are not prone to the negative impact of caffeine, like anxiety.
  • Though you can drink another cup on the same day ensuring there are a gap and coffee is not too strong. For instance, you can drink espresso in the morning and a latte or cappuccino in the afternoon.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the amount of caffeine in your body that helps with concentration depends also on the brewing method, the beans or pods that you use, and other factors.

Tips to get maximum concentration with your daily coffee

  • Always use whole beans, which are organic as well. For coffee pods, lovers, make sure that your pods are compostable and you choose the right intensity according to your preference.
  • All the coffee beans or pods that you consume should clearly state the manufacturer. And the practices so that you have the assurance that you are using the best coffee.
  • Take help from a barista or a coffee expert to know what is the best way to brew coffee for you to increase concentration.
  • After your first cup of joe, drink the second cup only after six hours. If you don’t, it will impact your sleep and concentration.


Tips to make your morning coffee better

You need coffee to concentrate and focus. However, how will it happen if your coffee is not flawless? Here are a few tips to brew it to perfection:

  • Run your Nespresso machine and dispense water before brewing a cup. It will ensure that there are no residues of the machine in your coffee.
  • Pour boiling water into your mug and remove it afterward. Then add the coffee to it. It can make a ton of difference to your morning cup of joe.
  • Only use filtered or bottled water. Otherwise, your coffee will not taste amazing.

There is no doubt that coffee is a pleasurable drink. However, its benefit goes further than taste. It can help you maintain concentration and focus better. For the same, brew the coffee thirty minutes before you need a boost. Also, keep an eye on your coffee intake, overwhelming, yourself with anything is never in your best interest.

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