This popular beverage loved by people from all walks of life from all over the world. The incorporation of the beverage into people’s diet plans is a relatively new practice that is rapidly gaining momentum. The diet plan involves the intake of several cups daily while trying to limit calorie intake.

There have been reported cases of people who have experienced short-term weight loss by using the diet. However, there have also been mixed effects with some downsides associated with the diet. So is it a good weight loss diet? This article will shed more light on the diet, focusing on the potential health benefits, provide a conclusion at the end.

Factors that Influence Weight Change from Intake

Some crucial variables influence a person’s weight change from the consumption of the beverage. Some of these variables are:

1. Type of coffee

Not every type of beverage has a weight loss effect on your body. There are some attributes specific to the different types of beverage people consume including:

  • Additives:

Some manufacturers add ingredients to boost flavor or increase satiety. These ingredients may contain extra calories, which will ultimately cause weight gain. On the other hand, some additives can impact post-consumption hormonal activity that may decrease or increase calorie intake. Some of these additives are cream, sweeteners, milk, butter, sugar and whipped cream. Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight, consider the additives present in your beverage in terms of calorie content.

  • Brand:

Different companies go for different types of coffee, depending on how they were cultivated and growing operations. For instance, if you consume Arabica Dark Roast from one company, the effects may not be the same if you consume the same from another company. Even though the differences might be modest, they matter a great deal, especially on body weight.

  • Coffee beans:

The beans are mostly obtained from Ethiopia, Uganda, and Angola since they are the major exporters of the commodity. Specific beans from each of these countries have different effects on your body weight. African coffee beans are the richest and you can buy coffee beans online. The African coffee beans harvested from each of these countries have constituent differences. Some of these differences might be modest. For instance, Arabica drinkers might lose lower weight compared to Robusta drinkers over an extended period.

2. Consumption and regularity

The amount you consume and regularity can play a critical role in influencing your weight change. Your physiology can easily experience substantial effects with the consumption of a greater quantity of the beverage regularly and can cause weight loss. The opposite is also true. The dosage also plays a significant role.

3. Cumulative duration of intake

The total duration of consumption of the beverage influences your weight change. For instance, people who consume significant amounts of it regularly are more likely to experience an effect on their physiology. The effect could be significant enough to induce weight loss. You should note that the change won’t be noticeable overnight, but rather after some time.

4. Individual factors

Apart from all these variables, there are those individual factors like gender, medical conditions, and epigenetics that play a vital role in how diet affects weight change. More of these factors include:

  • Age:

The constituents of the beverage tend to have different effects on people of different age groups. For instance, a past study indicated that it is easier for younger persons to lose weight from the diet compared to older adults. There are a lot of underlying reasons why this is so, one of which is that older adults have developed some physiologic tolerance.

  • Body composition:

Your height, weight, fat, and muscle composition have some influence on your weight loss especially from the consumption of the diet. In a general sense, larger persons need to consume more caffeine for them to experience a significant physiologic effect.

  • Co-ingested substances:

For people who regularly use dietary supplements, illicit drugs, drinking alcohol frequently, or use pharmaceutical medication, it is highly probable that they may affect your weight loss when you consume the beverage. For instance, if you consume weight gain-inducing substances, they will override the effect of the beverage on weight loss.

coffee weight loss

Health Benefits of Coffee and How it Prevents Weight Gain and Promotes Weight Loss

The beverage can easily promote weight loss and prevent weight gain because of its constituents like theophylline, theobromine, chlorogenic acid, and caffeine. These constituents play a vital role in modulating physiologic processes. These are some of the ways the consumption of the beverage might induce weight loss.

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1. Cognitive enhancement

Many studies contend that the drink enhances certain aspects of cognitive functions. The consumption of the beverage stimulates the release of dopamine. This hormone is responsible for promoting self-discipline. This is important in enabling people to make better dietary choices leading to lower calorie intake.

2. Appetite suppression

To some people, the drink can exert an anorectic effect. This means that their appetites will be suppressed. This leads to lower consumption of calories that ultimately leads to weight loss. However, the studies linking caffeine to appetite suppression are no conclusive.

3. Energy increase

The psychostimulant effect exerted by some of the beverage’s constituents tends to make people feel more energetic from drinking the beverage. It also increases vigilance, alertness, and overall energy mostly associated with caffeine. Other constituents like theobromine and theophylline increase blood flow by stimulating the heart rate, which also increases energy. The energy increase will then lead to an increase in motivation to go ahead and do some weight lifting, walking, jogging, and other physical exercises.

4. Hormonal modulation

Some studies link the drink to modulating the secretion of some biomarkers and hormones that contribute to the likelihood of weight loss. Some of these hormones are leptin, insulin, adiponectin, and peptide YY among others. They contribute to the prevention of fat accumulation by enhancing fat oxidation that eventually leads to weight loss.

Bottom line

Although the studies on the effect of consumption on body weight are not conclusive, there are a lot of different pieces of literature that support the association between prevention of weight gain/weight loss and consumption of the beverage. Therefore, long-term consumption of caffeine inhibits weight gain. You can also check for more information on the health benefits of coffee.

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