The weight loss industry is definitely full of myths. People are usually advised to try and do all sorts of things— workout program and diet plans— most of which have no scientific evidence behind them.

So, if losing weight is your goal, do not just sweat like crazy and starve yourself to death. Instead, gain a better knowledge about your body and try these scientific-backed tips in order to REALLY lose weight.

1. Drink Water, Particularly Before Meals

You may have read somewhere that drinking a lot of water can help in losing weight. Well, that is definitely approved by science.


Drinking water can help in increasing your metabolism by up to 24 to 30 percent for 1 to 1.5 hours which help you burn off a few more calories.

A study revealed that if you drink 17 ounces or half-liter of water, half an hour before taking your meals can help you eat a few more calories and shred 44 percent more weight.

2. Eat a Big Breakfast

Well, you’ve heard your mom or grandma— NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST.

You must always start your day with a hearty, balanced breakfast. And even if you are on a diet, if you wish to REALLY lose some weight then, skipping breakfast is a big no-no!

A study revealed that people who skip breakfast, you are more tempted to take some bad-for-you snacks later on. Another study showed that those who enjoyed a larger breakfast had a significant drop in ghrelin which is the hunger hormone.

And if you can, replace grain-based breakfast with whole eggs, so you can eat fewer calories for the next hours and lose more body fat and weight. In case, you do not have any eggs, then you can just eat any quality source of protein for breakfast.

3. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep has always been overseen. However, it is just as important as exercising and eating a healthy diet.


As a matter of fact, a study revealed that poor sleeping habits are among the strongest factors for higher risk of obesity and it is associated with 55 percent increased risk in adults and 89 percent in children.

4. Eat Your Veggies and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables have several properties which make them highly effective for losing weight. These type of food contains fewer calories and are packed with fiber. Also, their high water content makes them very filling.

A study found out that individuals who eat veggies and fruits tend to weigh less than those who don’t. Plus, veggies and fruits are absolutely crucial for your health thanks to their nutritious loads!

5. Do Aerobic Exercise

Cardio or aerobic exercises such as running, swimming or cycling is a great way to burn those calories as well as improve your mental health.

It appears that cardio workout is particularly effective in shredding belly fat as well as unhealthy fats which tend to build up around vital organs and cause metabolic illnesses.

Cardio Exercise (2)

6. Add More Protein To Your Meals

Protein is the most important nutrient you need in order to lose weight.

Eating a diet high in protein has been shown to increase metabolism of the body by 8 to 100 calories per day as well as shredding 441 calories per day off your diet.

Furthermore, a study found out that eating 25 percent of your daily calories as protein help in reducing obsessive thoughts about food by at least 60 percent and cutting late-night snacking desires in half.

7. Do Not Rely On Fad Diets

One of the major problems with diets is that they rarely work for the long-term.

People who go on a diet tend to gain weight over time and studies revealed that dieting is a constant predictor for future weight gain.

Instead of following a restrictive diet or starving yourself just to lose weight, aim to eat healthier. You can also opt for dietary supplement that encourages weight loss by extracting energy from fat depositories.

One of the most popular product, Ketoforce, gives you the edge of burning a tremendous amount of fat in no time. It boosts ketosis in the body and this ketosis process leads to a reduction in weight while maintaining a healthy body and mind.


Losing weight is hard, especially if you do not completely understand what you are doing. Rather than mindlessly sweat and starve yourself, it is best that you follow these science-backed tips in order to help you achieve your body goals.

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