In many ways, the unprecedented amount of technology in modern cars is a good thing. There are numerous controls which make driving not only easier but also safer, while many new cars have in-built satnav systems which save you the expense of purchasing and synchronizing a standalone GPS unit.

However, all this technology has given rise to an unwelcome phenomenon, namely that of car cyberhacking. Instead of needing to physically gain entry to your vehicle to seize control of it, a criminal can now hack into your vehicle via its technological features and take control of the car that way. There have been cases of motorists having their journeys abruptly halted because a cyber criminal hacked into the car and sabotaged it from hundreds of miles away.

With hackers becoming increasingly clever and crafty in their methods, motorists need to always be vigilant of the threat of cyberhacking. One possible way of mitigating the risk of this happening is to disconnect any technological features which aren’t used, as this will deprive hackers of potential entry points to the vehicle. Also, while the idea of wrapping your keys in foil and placing them in your fridge overnight might seem bizarre, this fogs the signal and makes it almost impossible for hackers to use the keys as a point of entry.

This infographic from Woodstock Motors gives an overview of the increasing threat that is car cyberhacking and advises on what you can do to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to this malicious crime.

car cyberchecking

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