Many homeowners might experience random AC malfunction during summer. And given how hot the
temperature is, not being able to run the air conditioner can be quite a problem. Such AC breakdowns
can be predicted in advance if you look out for certain warning signs. And by hiring an AC repair service
immediately, you can avoid the AC unit from breaking down. In this post, we list out a few such warning


1. Lack of Cool Air

The basic purpose of the air conditioner is to cool the room. So, when you see that it is not cooling
properly at certain times, it should be taken as a red flag. Unfortunately, many people just overlook such
imperfect cooling. This is a bad habit. When my brand new air conditioner suddenly started blowing out
warm air, I called up expert repair services offering heating and air near me. And this ensured that my
air conditioner was well taken care of at the proper time, avoiding any chance of permanent
malfunction. If you neglect to repair the faults in the AC unit on time, the resulting malfunction can be
so severe that you will end up with a very expensive repair bill.

2. Thermostat Problems

Issues with the thermostat will manifest in the form of uneven cooling. So, one part of your home may
be pretty cool while the other sections may not be cooled as well. This indicates that the thermostat is
incorrectly reading the temperatures of the rooms. Fortunately, this is a simple repair that can be done
rather quickly by the technician.

3. Smells

Do you sense strange smells coming from the AC unit? If so, that should be taken as a sign of potential
malfunction. A burning smell is a red alert and indicates that some internal component has been fried
out. If you don’t replace the component soon, other components are also at risk of failing. If your AC
unit harbors mold inside, you will sense a weird musty smell coming from it. The mold must be quickly
removed so that components are not affected by it. If you leave the mold as it is, all members of the
home will be at a serious health risk.

4. Noises

If the AC unit has been making very strange sounds of late, it definitely indicates that something is
wrong inside. If you are hearing a grinding sound from the unit, then the bearings of the motor are
probably broken. And if the air conditioner is making a squealing noise, it can point to a lack of
lubrication. It can also indicate that the belt inside the system has slipped out from its place.

5. Water Leakage

If you notice that moisture has been forming around the AC unit and that water has been pooling below
it, then that is a cause of concern. It signals the possibility of refrigerant leakage. You should call in an AC
repair technician to handle it since refrigerant is a toxic substance.

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