Maintaining the right temperature at your home is essential to the comfort of its residents. Just imagine the air conditioner breaking down on a hot summer day! Such a situation can make life really difficult for the homeowner and the entire family. There are several common reasons that can cause problems with home air conditioning. As a homeowner, you should know all about them so that you can identify them well in time and get them resolved as soon as possible. Let’s check out the most common problems with home air conditioning:

Air Conditioning

1. Clogged air filter:

If your air conditioner is not functioning properly, it may be attributed to the clogging of its air filter. This leads to a reduction in the cooling capacity as the air cannot flow through it properly. The best ways to deal with this situation is by cleaning the filter on a regular basis or have it replaced when there is a need.

2. Insufficient coolant:

Another common reason that you may require home AC repair is due to the lack of sufficient coolant in it. Coolant plays a key role in cooling as it circulates through the evaporator coils in the air conditioner and cools the air that flows over them. Once the level of coolant falls below a certain limit, it requires an immediate top up to restore the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

3. Dirty condenser coils:

The cooling capacity of an AC is also affected when the condenser coils get dirty and loaded with debris. When this happens, the coils lose their efficiency and are unable to dissipate heat outside. They have to work harder and longer to bring down the room temperature. For this reason, you need regular checkups for the condenser coils to prevent them from getting dirty and inefficient.

4. Faulty compressor:

The compressor of an air conditioning unit is perhaps the most important component it has. It is responsible for compressing the coolant and circulating it through the evaporator and condenser coils to bring about a fall in the temperature outside. The faulty compressor makes the AC unable to the cooling cycle and results in ineffective functioning.

5. Faulty thermostat:

While having a compressor in a good working condition is important, it is also essential that it is powered by a perfectly working thermostat. A thermostat is a sensor which senses the temperature and signals the compressor so that it starts or stops the cooling cycle. When the thermostat goes defective, it renders the compressor ineffective and the air conditioner is not able to cool properly or continuously.

6. Undersized capacity:

An AC that is undersized incapacity in relation to the size of the room is also not able to bring a desired level of cooling. Make sure that you ask an expert to find the right size and capacity that would bring a good level of cooling for your room.

Besides identifying these reasons, you should take regular maintenance checks and periodic servicing for your home air conditioning to ensure that it always remains in a great condition. Always trust an experienced professional to handle and repair your home AC.

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