In the workplace, people are so committed to completing time-sensitive tasks and meeting targets that they might let their workspace become untidy. This could end up doing more harm than good, as productivity is helped by coming into a clean environment rather than contending with a filthy one.

Think about the last time you needed to track down a document. Were you able to find it quickly in a well-maintained filing system or did you lose far too much time rifling through stacks of paper to find (or perhaps not find) that one document? A few minutes here and there might not seem like much of a barrier to productivity but add that up over the course of several months and you’ll balk at how much time you ultimately squander in lost productivity.

Psychologically, it’s far easier to come into a clean office than an untidy one. You’ll feel better about your working environment and you’ll naturally have a greater motivation to produce high-quality output. Also, employees are less likely to fall ill in sanitary working environments, so low absenteeism should foster greater productivity.

This infographic from Cleaning Services Group explains more about why a clean workspace is better for everyone in the office, as well as the company itself. Maintaining a tidy office is not difficult to do and the consequences are likely to deliver discernible rewards. Read the graphic in full below.

clean office can boost productivity

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